I took some of  these photos when scouting the treks, others I had before, the fotoprints are an exclusive technique I invented, they are all on sale here as cards or ready-to-be-framed photos (see below), as well as all the photos on the site.

NB: you can click on each image to enlarge it.

Prices include shipping in the US, Canada and Mexico; count about 15% more for anywhere else; you’ll pay with a secured Paypal invoice.

Cards, blank inside, size 5×7″ when folded, with envelopes: 1 for $5.50      3 for $14

Matted photos: size 5×7″: $12         8.5×11″: $30         11×14″: $40

Matted fotoprints: size 5×7″: $18        8.5×11″: $37            11×14″: $48


To order something or get more details, send me an email.