Urban Trekking

  • is the act of discovering a city mainly on foot and mainly off the beaten path.
  • is the city seen as an artwork in constant evolution and as  a playground to explore.
  • is a choice of books, games, guides and accessories for urban trekking.
  • is a creation of Images Voyages Impressions aka Dominique Lecomte (lecomtedominique.com).

If you want me to scout a city for you, it’s possible. You’ll have to pay me the trip to go there, my accommodations on location for about 10 days, and a stipend to be discussed beforehand.

Contact me at ImagesVoyagesImpressions@gmail.com to tell me more about your idea.

You can also leave me a message in any of the “Leave a comment” windows, and I’ll answer you promptly.

In any case, enjoy New York !


Dominique Lecomte, Sept 2017.