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Browsing this domain, it’s discovering a world where animals and plants have something to say.

Listening to them talking, it’s learning what time has taught them, and discovering they can be very pleasant and very sensible companions, with speeches full of sound advice and ironic remarks.

Weeks after weeks, dramas and romances are forged, similarities with the human world are established, stories are told.

The pace is often given by Stick, an attentive outsider, Heron, a motionless and thoughtful wise one,  Woman-tree, a wrinkled and insightful goddess.

Each character is defined by a quote, and has his or her iconic photo. They slowly reveal themselves in the “Chronicles”. In “World Noises”, Goose, Hawk and their guests comment human stories, using the ideas behind the creation of the Domain.

This Singular Domain exists everywhere and is of any time, but it is also located in a town of Massachusetts and in the 21st century with its particular economic requirements. It therefore needs your support to grow! (see below or on the right)


The dialogues can be read independently but all together, they slowly tell the story of the Domain and the story of the external human world.

So, depending on your tastes, you can:

  • read the themes that interest you by looking at the dialogues’ titles.
  • read everything in chronological order, starting by the last page.
  • use the ” Tags”  to find dialogues related to a character or theme you like.
  • use the “Categories” to find dialogues related to the life of the Domain or to the human life.

These multiple entries allow you to create your own itinerary, like if you were on the Domain trails.

Have a good trip, and enjoy your reading!

Dominique Lecomte, January 2016, the February 2017