If you rather have a guide to visit Boston, I can be yours, in French or English, and I’ll tell you everything I could not put in the description of these treks, in particular:

  • how I discovered these places, why I love them, and what events or anecdotes make them even more interesting.
  • how the present state of things is explained by the events that preceded it.
  • why the city can be read as a work of art in constant evolution and in which ways individual or collective decisions influence its evolution

It will be an opportunity to walk a lot, to go up and down stairs from one place to another, and to think a little about human affairs while enjoying the discoveries.

To make it happen, you can:

  • join groups in French ($15/person, 2 hours of visit)
  • hire me ($140 for 2 hours, $50/hour after 2 hours)

I also offers a “1st steps in Boston ” option for your visiting relatives and friends (see details below, chapter 3)


1) Visits with a group, in French, 8-14 persons

It will be with Boston Accueil, an association for French expatriates, and you’ll find me under the tab “Découvertes et visites urbaines”.


On the menu:

  • May 23 & 25: The Dorchester Shores Trek: we will start from Carson Beach and follow Dorchester Bay along the Harborwalk to the Kennedy library. This will be an opportunity to talk about the history of this part of Boston, then visit the Commonwealth Museum and then return by Harbor Point for new stories about the neighborhood.
  • May 30 – June 1: The Longwood Trek: This part of Boston is off the beaten path, but Northeastern University has treasures for the wanderer, as well as the Wenworth Institute of Technology and MassArt Galleries. The other universities in Longwood will also be on the program, either because we are going to take a look at it, or because we will talk of their historical peculiarities. NB: we will finish this visit at Brigham rather than continue towards Fenway as indicated in the trek of this site (it would be too long for a morning))
  • Fall 2018 (days and details to come): the historical Medford trek and the Financial District trek (two unpublished treks still being researched )


  • Ending times are estimates, allow 1/4 hour more as there’s often unexpected additions to the tours.
  • On top of the $15/person, add $45 for the annual membership to the association (with tens of other activities available, and other visits, many in English)
  • Registration and details on the Boston Accueil site (see link above)


2) Private tours, 2 hours minimum, 10 persons maxi, in French or English


  • the West End trek : a two-hours tour in the West End to discover what  urban renewal meant in the 1950’s. I’ll talk about architecture and show you buildings of different styles, well off the beaten path and in unlikely places. On the menu, the Bulfinch triangle, Thoreau and the transcendentalists, a Catholic church, public art, two courts of justice, some unexpected exhibitions and a lot of History/stories. You’ ll have to be ready to go through metal detectors to enter some public buildings, and  to walk at a good pace to see everything between stops.


  • the North End trek : a two hours walk in the North End, off the beaten track. On the program, how the Big Dig and the Greenway changed the neighborhood in the last decade,  and a long stroll along the sea and the harbor. We’ll talk about the Harborway, discover a swimming pool at the water’s edge, see bocce players (if they are out), coastguard boats, quiet streets, and an interesting delicatessen. We’ll also mention the tumultuous and colorful past of the neighborhood and the trek will end at the indoor market and, if it’s a Friday, at the open air market, so plan to buy some edible food before you go home.


  • the Charlestown trek : a visit to historic Charlestown followed by a 10-minute cruise in the harbor to end the walk near the aquarium and its seals. It means two hours spend talking about bridges, ice sale, American Indian and of course, the Battle of Bunker Hill. The maritime past of Charlestown will also be evoked at the end of the route and you’ll discover an historic tavern not to be missed. The streets of old Charlestown are a pleasure for the eyes and the ferry ride will allow you to have views of Downtown Boston, so don’t forget your camera!NB: The ferry ride will cost you $ 3.50 in addition to the tour.


  • the Cambridge/MIT trek : a 2 hours trek on the MIT campus, often indoors, but also along the Charles River. At MIT, we’ll focus on the various buildings, what happens or happened there, as well as who their architects were. The return will offer beautiful views of Boston. On the program: the Stata Center, the Infinite Corridor, the Barker Engineering Library, the Chapel, the Kresge Auditorium, the Killian Court, the Great Dome and the Charles River Esplanade, between other finds.


  • the Dorchester Shores trek: a 2-hour walk that will be an opportunity to talk about the history of this southern part of Boston and of the islands of the Bay while enjoying the sea. We will depart from Carson Beach and follow Dorchester Bay along the Harborwalk to the Kennedy Library and Museum, the Commenwealth Museum and Boston University. The return will be by Harbor Point for new stories about the neighborhood.


  • the Longwood trek: this trek follows in part the description of the trek of the site but the visit of Northeastern University is much longer and detailed, as well as the one of the Wenworth Institute of Technology. The part to Fenway is removed and the trek ends at Brigham after going to Harvard Medical. The tour includes a visit of the MassArt galleries and is an opportunity to talk about all these universities in the Longwwod area and their historical peculiarities.


Price: $140 for the 1st two hours, $50/hour after if you want to combine two tours (when it’s possible).

To talk with me about the details of these visits, use ImagesVoyagesImpressions@gmail.com and tell me what you’d like to do and when. I’ll tell you if I’ m available.

Best days and hours for these visits: from Monday to Friday, and from 9:30 am to 1 pm


3) ” 1st Steps in Boston”


Your friends and relatives are here for a few days visit, but you don’t have time to show them how to go to Boston and what to do once there.


  • I’ll come to your home and walk them to the nearest bus, train, or T.station, or drive them there if it’s too far.
  • I’ll buy a Charlie card and/or a train ticket with them and show them how to use it and buy some more.
  • I’ll go with them by train or subway to downtown Boston, probably to the Park St or Government Center T.stop depending on your location, or North Station.
  • I’ll show them where to go shopping on Washington St., how to go to Faneuil Hall, the Waterfront, Beacon Hill, and get info about the Freedom Trail and the Boston Historical National parks.
  • I’ll return to your home with them.
  • I’ll provide, as an option, a smart phone with Maps, Translate, Citymapper, Currency plus, a link to Urban Trekking Boston, 500MB of data and 100 minutes of communication for the USA. I’ll also show them how to use it.
  • I’ll tell them stories about the city and answer their questions the best I can.


Price for a 2 hours introduction to the city: $65 pour one person, $45 for the next ones, transportation not included.

Price for renting the phone for 8 days: $100 of which $75 will be refund upon return of this phone ($75 security deposit in cash or check)

Price to keep the phone longer: $25 per additional week

To talk me about the details of this option, use ImagesVoyagesImpressions@gmail.com and tell me which day you’d like me to come. I’ll tell you if I’ m available.

Best days and hours for these visits: from Monday to Friday, and from 9 am to 12:30 pm