Everything you need before going to explore Boston

Maps and guides

The Urban Trekking guide should be enough, but if you like the feel of paper, go to:

  • Maps (many on sale here)
  • Boston National Geographic Destination City Map (one of the best)


  • Guidebooks (many on sale here)
  • Lonely Planet Pocket Boston Travel Guide (easy to carry and informative enough)
  • Lonely Planet Boston Travel Guide (will give you more than the previous one if you not mind an extra weight)



A far from exhaustive list of history books, children books, and novels with Boston as a common theme


Sport teams

Wear Boston teams colors when in Boston, or bring them back home with you



To get ready to come to Boston, or to use your knowledge once back home


Clothes and accessories for her



  • Belts (always useful)
  • Gloves (you ‘ll need some in winter)
  • Hats (to make a fashion statement in summer)
  • Scarfs (another must-have in winter)
  • Sunglasses (for all the New England bright and sunny days)


Clothes and accessories for him



  • Tommy Hilfiger (wide selection of classic jackets and windbreakers)
  • Leather jackets (timeless and enduring, you will not be able to part with them!)



Clothes and accessories for her and him