The map of Boston, with all the free and self-guided Urban Trekking tours, shows you the position of the 17 tours to visit Boston on foot, on and off the beaten path.

Look where you want to go, the list of these tours with the main highlights is below.

To know more about the different parts of the city, go to the About Boston page.

Each tour is about 2 miles long and can take you from 2 to 5 hours to complete depending on what you decide to do.

They are all accessible by the T and can be used on your smartphone.

Don’t hesitate to combine them, simplify them, or modify them. If the path is temporarily blocked, or the place to visit is closed that day, it’s what can be expected in a city, but you’ll surely find your way around these inconveniences. Send me a note so I can modify the descriptions for the next ones, though.

In any case, bonne  route!

1: the Cambridge/Harvard University trek: Harvard Square & Yard, museums, old Cambridge.

2: the Cambridge/MIT trek: Stata Center, museums, Charles River, new Cambridge.

3: the Charlestown trek: bridges, tavern, national historical parks, boats.

4: the East Boston trek: Jeffries Point, ICA, lighthouse boat, Boston views.

5: the West End trek: station, museum, church, architecture, City Hall.

6: the North End trek: Harborwalk, markets, History, Italian neighborhood.

7: the Faneuil Hall/Waterfront trek: Quincy Market, aquarium, Harborwalk, architecture.

8: the Beacon Hill trek: museums, old streets, Capitol.

9: the Beacon Hill and Parks trek: Charles River, Cambridge views, old streets.

10: the Chinatown, Downtown and Financial District trek: architecture, historic buildings, skyscrapers.

11: the Fort Point and Seaport trek: station, galleries, museums, cour of justice.

12: the Back-Bay trek 2: churches, Hancock Tower, galleries, Commonwealth Ave.

13: the Back-Bay trek 1: Copley Place, churches, library, shopping mall, Prudential Tower, Newbury Street.

14: the Fenway/Longwood trek: universities, museums, Fenway.

15: the South End trek: conservatory, old streets, gardens, galleries.

16: the Dorchester Shores trek: Dorchester Bay, museums, beaches.

17: the South Boston and Castle Island trek: Dorchester Bay, beaches, fort.

Tips for the guide: they are welcome but as we live in a virtual world, it will be easier to follow the suggestions at the bottom of the page. Thanks in advance!

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