Map of the Beacon Hill trek

A two miles, 2 to 4 hours trek depending of what you decide to do, half indoor, half outdoor, to explore Beacon Hill, one of the prettiest historic neighborhood of Boston. You’ll go up and down the Hill through small tree lined streets, and realize that a lot happened here during the years, and is still happening… Read More

South Boston & Castle Island trek

A 2 miles, 1h30 to 4 hours trek depending on what you chose to do, to go to Castle Island and feel as close as can be to the high sea when still in Boston, then to relax on a quiet beach The closest T.stop is 2.5 miles away, so it could become a 7… Read More

Dorchester Shores Trek

A 3 miles and 3 to 6 hours trek, depending on what you choose to do, to enjoy the seaside at Dorchester and visit 3 museums dedicated to government. Bring your swimsuit and sun taning lotion, you will also go to Carson Beach, one of the few beaches in Boston accessible by the T. (details and photos… Read More

Map of Cambridge Harvard University trek

A 1h30 to 5h trek, depending on the time you’ll spend in museums and galleries, to be able to say you went to Harvard University! You’ll see shady yards and secluded courtyards, respectable buildings, three museums, a gallery of design, a community garden, and many outdoor sculptures. The trek is mainly on the campus site, indoor… Read More