Maps of Boston treks

Hello and welcome! Look on the map to decide where to go, the links to the treks are below. To know more about the different parts of the city, go to the About Boston page. Each trek is about 2 miles and can take you from 2 to 5 hours depending on what you decide to do.… Read More

The Back-Bay trek 1 map

A 2 miles trek, 2 to 4 hours depending of what you do, most of it indoor, to explore some hidden treasures and feel the wealth of the area. You’ll see art, historic buildings, upscale shops, and a sprawling plaza. You’ll go in one of the highest tower of the city, but you’ll have to find part… Read More

the Longwood Fenway trek

A 3 miles trek, 2 hours or more depending on what you decide to do, mostly outside except if you visit some museums, to explore a part of Boston that is far from the beaten path. You’ll walk on the south of Mass Ave, amid a great concentration of universities, museums, and parks, to reach the famous Fenway Park that has been hosting… Read More

A  3 miles trek, 2 hours of walking mainly outside to discover the South End, its Victorian-style houses, its art galleries and its countless public parks and communal gardens. You’ll walk through historic streets, discover an European style cathedral, visit artists’ studios and get an idea of what the locals are growing in their small gardens (photos and… Read More