Urban Trekking New York City

    • it’s a collection of 18 self-guided tours to visit NYC on foot, on and off the beaten track.
    • it’s the city seen as an artwork in constant evolution, and as  a living place to explore.
  • it’s a choice of books, games, guides and accessories for urban trekking.

The idea is to show you how to go from known places to unusual ones by following urban paths linked to each others.

You remain independent but you have a guide to help you in your discoveries.

These treks focus on the arts, parks and garden, sea and rivers, and architecture.

If you want me to do some urban scouting for you in a city of your choice, contact me at ImagesVoyagesImpressions@gmail.com to tell me more about your idea.

In any case, enjoy New York !

Dominique Lecomte

Urban Trekking New York tours guide

I’m a printmaker, photographer and writer living in Medford, Massachusetts, a 4 hours train ride to NYC.

In 2015, I went to Nashville, TN, and as I was trying to figure out how to visit the city on foot, I realized it was easy to find walking trails in the wild, but more complicated for cities. That’s how I came up with the idea of Urban Trekking.

Now, am I going to do Urban Trekking Nashville after Urban Trekking New York City? We’ll see…!