Heron is looking for a place to live with Heronne and he goes Beyond the Outer Spaces to see the place and seek advice from the Deer. His problem will be quickly solved, but not like he thought…

Deer1: see, here’s Heron.

Deer2: what is he doing here?

Heron: he, the Deer, I was looking for you.

Deer1: looking for us, but why?

Deer2: you never come over here, too many trees and not enough ponds you say.

Heron: it’s true, but as it is isolated, I was wondering if it was a good idea to settle here with Heronne, and I wanted your advice.

Deer1: you are preparing a nest for her…

Deer2: how sweet!

Heron: so, how is it here?

Deer1: for us, it’s perfect.

Deer2: there are not too many people if you avoid the trails, and there’s enough food for the winter.

Heron: should I build a colony here, then?

Deer1: I don’t know, can you land vertically? There are not many  open spaces around here.

Deer2: how did you manage to come here, by the way?

Heron: I align myself with a trail but it was quite a feat.

Deer1: on top of that, there are often people with dogs on the paths, you’ll never be sure you can land. What about around the ponds?

Deer2: and no offense to you but a colony of herons screaming around us, it’s not exactly what we’d like.

Heron: people are always coming to the ponds, I have to move all the time, so to raise babies, no, it won’t work.

Deer1: housing is always difficult…

Deer2: especially when you are two. Why don’t you wait for Heronne to arrive before making a decison, don’t you think it would be better?

Heron: but of course it would, why didn’t I realize it before? It will be her house too, so she has to feel good about it.

Deer1: love made you lose your common sense, it looks like!

Deer2: I’m glad you came to see us even if we didn’t give you what you were looking for.

Heron: me too, I was going to make a big mistake, and you saved me. Thanks a lot.

Deer1: so that’s what we always say…

Deer2: … a deer can hide another one.

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