Ref: BBC, Feb 21st, 2017: ‘Stubborn’ swan blocks M27 at Fareham

Goose: Hawk, today I have a story that will finally prove that geese are more intelligent than swans.

Hawk: did you doubt it?

Goose: no, of course not, but swans always believe they are better than everyone else. You know how they are.

Hawk: yes, I know. So, your story?

Goose: it comes from England where a swan has confused a highway with a river, and blocked traffic for quite a while.

Hawk: was the roadway damp?

Goose: yes, that’s right. He thought it was water, but once there, he didn’t want to agree he was on tar! Swans are so arrogant!

Hawk: he must have been pleased that humans were stopping for him.

Goose: that’s for sure, he could swagger all he wanted.

Hawk: but tell me, Goose, is it not you who sometimes have fun slowly crossing roads so that all the cars must let you go?

Goose: he, it’s different! It’s when I saw healthy grass on the other side ,and anyway, I don’t stop in the middle of tit to block everyone!

Hawk: have you ever thought of flying instead? It would be safer.

Goose: but far too complicated for such a short journey. We need more space than you to take off and land.

Hawk: in that case … it means you don’t do this because you like to be photographed?

Goose: not at all, what are you thinking?

Hawk: nothing, nothing, I was just asking. What happened to the swan?

Goose: the police had to catch him and release him further.

Hawk: he got into a police car, it’s not given to any swan!

Goose: and he made headlines! He should be ashamed, but I am sure he is proud of it.

Hawk: do you think he’s going to do it again?

Goose: no, he doesn’t think that far, but he’ll undoubtedly inspire copycats. Do you know that at about the same time and place, a cow blocked a railroad?

Hawk: all of that in England? Nothing goes well since the Brexit !

Goose: the Brexit?

Hawk: yes, the English decided to leave the European Union a while ago, it’s called the Brexit. Would I be more aware of this than you?

Goose: no, now that you remind me about it, I had heard it, but I didn’t make the link. So that’s why all the traffic stops, is that what you mean?

Hawk: here, Goose, you go beyond my thoughts, but why not!

Goose: would geese also be smarter than hawks?

Hawk: I don’t know if it can always be the case, but today you are particularly smart, I grant you that.

Goose: we’ll conclude here, then. I like when I shine!

Hawk: do you want me to take a picture of you?

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