Now that the Blue berries are assured of their offspring, they ask Stick if he’d like to join them in creating an unique business venture that would use the skills of several inhabitants of the Domain.

Blue berries: Stick, we want to thank you for planting some of us in the ground. It will allow us to colonize new places and realize our destiny.

Stick: if you had asked for it yourself, I’d have done it sooner!

Blue berries: yes, but it’s not in our nature.

Stick: you’ll have to thank Woman-tree then, it is she who gave me the hint.

Blue berries: was it when she came to eat with you? We didn’t dare to speak.

Stick: that’s what Baguette and I saw. I didn’t know you were so shy.

Blue berries: it depends on the circumstances. Do you remember that you had something in mind for us when you brought us here?

Stick: yes, I was thinking of creating a business with you, but my idea was not financially feasible so I gave up.

Blue berries: well, we have an idea for you, if you’re interested.

Stick: sure, tell me, I’m listening.

Blue berries: now that we are assured of getting some offspring, we’d like to run a business and we were wondering if you’d like to build calls, as you are familiar with all the different types of wood, .

Stick: calls? What for? To help hunters?

Blue berries: no, not at all. We don’t want to hurt our friends of the Domain. We’d sell them to birders, and we’d only make calls to attract small birds, not game.

Stick: you still want to attract those birds that have ignored you, don’t you?

Blue berries: not only them, but many others, but as far as these ones are concerned, it would be our revenge. They’d only stop for photos as we don’t mind them anymore.

Stick: you have a bit of a Machiavellian side! It’s interesting. How do you want to sell these calls, though, we don’t have any relationship with humans?

Blue berries: we thought Snake would have an idea

Stick: Snake, he will take a huge commission!

Blue berries: it’s not sure. We know berries that he would probably like … We would make a trade.

Stick: you have planned everything, haven’t you?  And you are right, I’d like to build calls, but I want to talk to Baguette before. As we’ll use wood, it could be unethical to exploit our congeners.

Blue berries: don’t you think that some sticks or wands would be delighted to become calls? It is a noble endeavor.

Stick: you make me laugh, I didn’t suspect you’d be such good traders! Have you thought of something else?

Blue berries: yes, since you ask. Bird could be our advisor and help us choose the most popular species, and study their songs.

Stick: it would be a collective venture of the Domain, somehow …

Blue berries: that’s right, you got it again!

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