Turtles and Dead Leaves can finally answer what Goose and Hawk say, and regarding the thirsty pigs business, they stress how important it is to respect laws.

Turtles: Dead leaves, today, we’ll finally be able to shut up Goose and Hawk!

Dead leaves: Turtles, it’s going to be a delight. Snake has delivered the stuff you ordered, hasn’t he?

Turtles: yes, but it was expensive and he has nearly taken all the frogs of the ponds! That said, if it can push Heron to leave, so much the better.

Dead leaves: what are we going to answer to the foolishness of Goose and Hawk now that we have the means to make ourselves heard?

Turtles: that humans have common sense because they use their reason, which is rarely the case concerning birds.

Dead leaves: it’s true, their brains are too small.

Turtles: exactly, so they speak without thinking. Humans have created laws to live well together. Laws regulate their relationship so that harmony reigns. If someone breaks them, he or she must be punished, that’s clear. To break the law is to threaten public order.

Dead leaves: the woman who gave the pigs a drink was therefore wrong.

Turtles: yes. Respect for private property must come before compassion. The first is a general law, the second an individual moral attitude. If we reverse the hierarchy of priorities, this leads to anarchy.

Dead leaves: yet, to give drink to thirsty pigs, isn’t this the least you can do?

Turtles: yes, of course, but it was up to their owner to do it, not to this woman.

Dead leaves: then should they have condemned the owner?

Turtles: only if there is a law that condemns cruelty to farm animals. Otherwise it’s still anarchy. That’s how human society works.

Dead leaves: that’s why in India, they decided that rivers would have rights?

Turtles: yes, very good remarks, my friends. Without law, one cannot make decisions that will be respected or  implemented.

Dead leaves: but then, why Goose and Hawk can say what they say?

Turtles: because they don’t understand how human society works. They mix good feelings, morality, special interest, preferences, and legal organization. These are different categories and above all, there is no legal organization in animals or plants, we follow the law of the strongest.

Dead leaves: is it not the same with humans?

Turtles: yes and no. In democracy, the strongest is the common interest, not a stronger or more gifted individual.

Dead leaves: and no one can twist things to his or her benefit?

Turtles: if the system works well, no. This is why humans must always make sure their institutions are sound.

Dead leaves: it seems as restrictive as protecting oneself from predators, right?

Turtles: it’s the same thing, yes, but in a different way.

Dead leaves: all this is quite complicated!

Turtles: and this is just the beginning of our reflections…

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