Following two BBC articles on nudism (Finland naked swimmers bid for the biggest skinny dip record –,  and No naked dancing, Canada revellers told –, Goose and Falcon reflect on differences between cultures and countries. But first, they talk about the new program by Dead leaves and Turtles.

Hawk: Goose, do you get me well? I’m calling you this time, a little earlier than expected so that we can talk off the air about the latest initiative of Turtles and Dead leaves.
Goose: Give me ten minutes to get ready, and I’ll call you back.


Goose: Hawk, I’m ready, what’s going on?
Hawk: Turtles and Dead leaves have created a new radio program in order to criticize what we say.
Goose: oh well, what can they say? Do they have an audience?
Hawk: they only contradict us, especially Turtles, but I don’t know if anyone listens to them. Their program is called “The Voices of Reason” and Snake and the Deer have helped them find the material.
Goose: I’m not surprised about Snake, he must have made a profit from it. The Deer, they are not interested in what’s going on around the ponds so they just did the middleman I guess. What a pompous title! Is it convincing  this show? Aren’t Dead leaves too stupid?
Hawk: it sounds like a course, boring. Dead leaves play the role of the ingenuous.
Goose: it probably suits them well, as for Turtles, I imagine they pontificate. Let them do it, nothing says they will be successful and in the meantime, their criticism is good advertisement for us.
Hawk: you’re right, I wanted to talk about it to see if we agreed. Now we should go on air, it’s almost time.
Goose: yes, let’s do it.


Goose: hello Hawk, how are you today?
Hawk: very well, Goose, and hearing you is a pleasure.
Goose: always so gallant, Hawk! Are you ready for the story of the day? It’s actually two stories, one from Finland and the other one from Canada, but both are about nudism.
Hawk: nudism in Canada and Finland!
Goose: yes, people are resistant up there, or when there is a ray of sunshine, they want to enjoy it fully! In any case, in Finland, they are free to undress but in Canada, it is not possible. Can you explain that?
Hawk: I can explain it, of course, but you know this explanation won’t be one.
Goose: do you mean, it will not make sense because in the end, depending on where humans are, they will be punished or ignored for the same thing?
Hawk: yes, that’s it, and it will be another proof that humans are unable to get along even though they are alike. Is it not incredible?
Goose: I knew you would find a simple formula to summarize the situation. That’s what made me choose these stories.
Hawk can you imagine if we had to change our way of doing things as we fly over new lands! We would never know what to expect.
Goose: and we would probably be wrong most of the time.
Hawk: what did these nudists do?
Goose: in Finland, they all bathed together to break a record, in Canada, some danced.
Hawk: so it’s all a matter of numbers.
Goose: do you mean that if the majority of people had stripped to dance, there would have been no conviction?
Hawk: yes, it is a possibility. There would have been the awareness of a collective desire and the movement could have expanded.
Goose: the sentence is therefore a way to prevent the spread.
Hawk: that’s it. It’s a matter of power.
Goose: so there is nothing fixed for humans?
Hawk: the need to fall under the laws to avoid trouble.
Goose: and if the laws change?
Hawk: then they can only hope there will be prescription for their past actions.
Goose: so those who stayed dressed might be wrong someday?
Hawk: you’re right although in this case, they don’t risk much.
Goose: because it’s often cold in Canada?
Hawk: yes, that’s a good reason. These stories are fun for you, aren’t they?
Goose: yes, humans should have kept their  body hair, it would have simplified their lives!

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