Angel goes to see the Deer to make sure they are gay, that he was wrong about them and that he must go and do a training as he has decided. The Deer ask him for a special favor …

Deer 1: well, well, well, here’s Angel!

Deer 2: I wonder what he will tell us…

Angel: dear friends, hello, how are you?

Deer 1: very well, Angel, but here you are, so suddenly solemn, what’s going on?

Deer 2: your wings seem all wrinkled!

Angel: I asked God to call me back near Him.

Deer 1: but you are immortal, right?

Deer 2: do you want to leave us?

Angel: after all I have learned lately, I think Squirrel was right, I should have gone more often to the divine meetings. Now, I need a serious upgrade, so I applied for a training.

Deer 1: but who will take care of the Domain?

Deer 2: we will miss you.

Angel: God will send a substitute.

Deer 1: a substitute, that’s not possible!

Deer 2: you are unique and we are used to you. It will be difficult without you. But tell us, we are not your best pupils, why it is that you came to tell us that?

Angel: Actually, I came to make sure Squirrel was right, and to make sure I needed this training.

Deer 1: right to say we are gay?

Deer 2: it’s true, and it feels good to be able to say it.

Angel: it shows I didn’t see things anymore, and that I didn’t know how to manage them anymore. No doubt because of my old ideas.

Deer 1: come on, Angel, don’t feel guilty. You are good and honest, the proof is that you came to see us to confide your doubts.

Deer 2: you let yourself live a little too easily without worrying about the evolutions of the society, that’s all.

Angel: I naively thought that moral rules were immutable, which gave them their force of law, so that I had nothing more to learn; I was wrong and that’s why I have to be trained again now.

Deer 1: you’ll always be a source of reflection for us, Angel, even if we didn’t always listen to you.

Deer 2: a kind of moral compass.

Angel: so I wasn’t completely useless?

Deer 1: of course not, don’t worry! Now, as you are around, we have something to ask you as you know much more than us about the things of the world.

Deer 2: we saw Heron a few days ago, and now we want to start a family of our own. We would like to adopt.

Angel: are you testing me again?

Deer 1: not at all, we were just wondering if you’d have heard of an orphan fawn.

Deer 2: because as you can imagine, we cannot reproduce ourselves!

Angel: family and adoption, these are the two areas where I always liked to intervene; it made my flock happy and it followed the divine commandments. In your case, I would prefer to consult God beforehand, though.

Deer 1: but you must have an idea, no?

Deer 2: come on, Angel, help us…

Angel: well, I know that in the hunting area, it sometimes happens that a doe is killed and her fawns remain alone, but I cannot promise anything, and you didn’t hear it from me. Make sure you choose your day wisely to avoid being game, though.

Deer 1: Angel, you are our savior!

Deer 2: and it is sure this favor will count as a favorable point for you when you arrive near God.

Angel: we’ll see, my friends, we’ll see. I am not sure you are good judges in this matter but in any case, good luck to you. You will be competing with heterosexual couples and they will have the preference, don’t forget it.

Deer 1: we know, we know, but thanks a lot you for your advice and good luck to you too.

Deer 2: send us visions from time to time so we know how you are doing!

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