After learning that the animals of the Domain have a sexuality he couldn’t imagine, Angel no longer knows what to think and confides in Bird. This one gives him good advice.

Bird: Angel, you look helpless, what’s going on?

Angel: I have just heard things that make me doubt the order of the world …

Bird: oh my God, what?

Angel: Snake, the Deer, and Squirrel, they all have an abnormal sexuality and they make fun of me and my precepts.

Bird: do you mean that they are not straight and don’t share your ideas?

Angel: yes, that’s it, I feel I lived on a small cloud but I suddenly felt on the ground. And the language the animals now use, it’s as if there are no more taboos!

Bird: God didn’t warn you of all these changes?

Angel: He must have done it during the meetings I didn’t attend.

Bird: Squirrel scolded you about that and she was right. If your principles are not up to date, how can you understand the world and help us?

Angel: but it’s precisely because principles don’t change that the world has clear rules to follow!

Bird: it’s where you are mistaken, Angel, and remain in your little cloud: principles and rules go hands in hands. If one changes, the other too.

Angel: there is no more truth, then?

Bird: there’s the truth of the moment, that’s why you have to keep up to date about things.

Angel: it means that half of the Domain inhabitants have a deviant sexuality, but it’s normal?

Bird: they have a sexuality like everyone else except you, and regarding the rules of this matter, they have changed so no one is deviant.

Angel: but where will it stop?

Bird: why stop things, Angel? For us living creatures, change is the sign that we exist. Only death freezes things, but you cannot know it because you are eternal.

Angel: I am eternal, I have no sexuality, how can I understand you and help you?

Bird: your difference gives us a point of view that allows us to reflect on who we are, but that doesn’t mean we can look like you or share your views.

Angel: do I protect you because I question your actions?

Bird: yes, you got it, and the questioning will never end for you since the living will never be like you.

Angel: don’t you want to do my job ?

Bird: you honor me, Angel, but I am a mortal and I have a family, I don’t have time to do what you do.

Angel: it would be simpler and easier for me, but never mind, it made me feel good to talk to you.

Bird: don’t be lazy, Angel, and don’t forget to sing, it’s always a pleasure for our souls, whoever we are.

Angel: that’s right, at least I can do that …

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