Stick: eh Bird, do you know where Heron is? I haven’t seen him lately.

Bird: he went to Oklahoma a few days ago.

Stick: to Oklahoma? But what will he do there, it’s dangerous, there are many hunters.

Bird: oh, he’s smart, he lives in a wildlife reservation, it’s safer.

Stick: yes, but the trip to go there, the distance …

Bird: he flies at night, and he takes his time. He knows the way well, don’t worry about him.

Stick: he didn’t want to stay with us?

Bird: he thought about it, especially as you bring him fish regularly, but it’s too cold here in winter, and if the lake is frozen, he has nothing to do.

Stick: it’s true, I hadn’t thought about that. I’ll miss him, though. Do you have his address?

Bird: I have it somewhere, in case something happens.

Stick: something?

Bird: if there are no more fish, for example. You know that ponds are shallow, and filled with dead leaves. If it freezes too hard, there isn’t enough oxygen in the remaining open water and the fish die.

Stick: are you kidding?

Bird: not at all, Stick, it happened.

Stick: for a bird, you know a lot about nature. I’m impressed!

Bird: well, Stick, how do you think we could survive if we learnt nothing about the world around us?

Stick: I thought instinct guided you.

Bird: instinct! We wouldn’t go far with instinct! Conditions change quickly and we need to adapt, especially now that humans constantly modify the environment.

Stick: are all animals like that?

Bird: yes, of course, intelligence isn’t limited to plants like you.

Stick: I’m not a plant, bird, I am a tree, part of a tree to be exact.

Bird: oh, yes, trees are quite proud of their status, I forgot

Stick: you also forgot that they are a home for you! But tell me, how do you send mail to Heron?

Bird: for long distances, geese or ducks are in charge. For small distances, you can count on owls.

Stick: you are really well organized!

Bird: ha, ha, you don’t know everything, Stick! The world you imagine is not necessarily the world as it is. If you only see your point of view, you’re blind. That shouldn’t prevent you to sing, though.

Stick: don’t worry, Bird, don’t worry, I remember your advice. You open new doors for me, I should come and talk to you more often.

Bird: You know where to find me, and your questions make me think, so you see, the pleasure is mutual!

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