Bird and Heron share their views about humans in order to decide whether they are good or bad.

Bird: Heron, tell me, have you ever talked with Stick?
Heron: oh yes,  he has so many questions! He disturbs me and the fish when he comes, but he is funny, and he doesn’t seem to be a bad guy.
Bird: that’s true, he seems harmless, but he looks like humans, so be careful. One probably needs to know how to handle him in order to make the best of him. He has asked me many things too, and I don’t understand why he doesn’t live and let live.
Heron: it is its nature, I guess. He wants to know before making decisions when he should follow his instinct to find the answer. It would be much simpler for him and for us. Humans are like that too, and it is a cursed race, never satisfied, never quiet. They can’t listen to their inner voice, they think they can do better without it, and they lack confidence. I would pity them if they were not so bad.
Bird: Heron, I’ll confide you a secret about humans: they are not always bad, but you’re right, it’s when they indulge in their nature that they are the best. Sings for them, and they calm down. They forget their worries, they become good, they give you seeds. Especially in winter.
Heron: so they can be useful? It is good to know. The problem is that I sing badly, and I do not lik seeds. Do you think they would have fish?

Bird: that, I don’t know. Feeders are too small for you anyway, and you cannot perch on them. And your singing, you are right, is not very harmonious. I don’t think it would mellow them, they would assume you do it on purpose to annoy them, and they would get annoyed. It is one of their flaws, they believe they are at the centre of the universe, and that everything relates to them.
Heron: they wouldn’t let me be because I wouldn’t please them, is it what you mean? Do you think it’s better to make fun of me, Bird?  Beware, my beak is powerful and fast, I could easily cut your whistle if I wanted to.
Bird: you’re too slow to fly, Heron, you could never catch me! And you would then be like a human, short-tempered and uncompromising when upset. Be tolerant, you will be happy! On this, see you later, I let you at your thoughts now.

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