Green Berries: Squirrel, Squirrel, what are you doing? You’re always so busy!

Squirrel: I have to harvest nuts, my children are hungry and I’m alone to raise them.

Green Berries: did your husband leave you?

Squirrel: no, I terminated him. He was only useful for breeding. Why would I keep him after that?

Green Berries: we didn’t think you were like that. You look so sweet and so tender.

Squirrel: I am sweet and tender with my children, but a male squirrel has too many needs and requirements. It’s better if he goes and see elsewhere, or if he stays alone.

Green Berries: are you all like that?

Squirrel: yes, of course, it simplifies our lives.

Green Berries: and to us, it opens unsuspected horizons …

Squirrel: don’t be mistaken, raising children alone is not easy. We must constantly run from here to there, leaving them alone at the mercy of cats, raptors, martens …

Green Berries: if you had a male squirrel with you, he could help you.

Squirrel: no, a male is lazy and forgetful, we cannot rely on him, and there is no room for him in the nest. Believe me, he would be more of a burden than an aid.

Green Berries: so, why do most species live in couples?

Squirrel: I wonder. It’s possible that some males are good companions, but in squirrels, it is not the case.

Green Berries: but if you raised your children differently, don’t you think you could change the way they behave?

Squirrel: maybe, but I don’t have time, and this is probably why the situation remains as it is.

Green Berries: do you regret it?

Squirrel: no, not at all. I like my independence, even if it’s costly.

Green Berries: then we don’t hold you any longer, and we wish you good luck in your harvest.

Squirrel: thank you Green Berries, I should be fine. I know I put a lot of nuts aside last fall, I just have to find them. It is sometimes a bit difficult because I have many caches and I get lost, but if I look hard, I almost end up finding everything.

Green Berries: you are very organized, after all.

Squirrel: it must be because I can only count on myself.


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