Turtles and Dead leaves comment on the Goose and Hawk broadcast in which Snake suggests that true and false are only points of view and says there are never any fake news.

Turtles: Dead leaves, did you hear what Snake said last week in the Goose and Falcon show?
Dead leaves: yes, and he almost convinced us that true and false were just points of view.
Turtles: he has no moral conscience and it is typical of Goose and Falcon to invite him to speak without thinking about the consequences.
Dead leaves: so he is guilty?
Turtles: yes, he lied to Eve, whatever he says. That his lie is clever makes him even more guilty because it means that his action was premeditated.
Dead leaves: but as he said, humans learned a lot from him because they had to fend for themselves.
Turtles: Adam and Eve did not need any knowledge since they were happy. Snake fooled them.
Dead leaves: for blessed are the simple-minded, right?
Turtles: yes. They lived in a world where there was neither true nor false, only being. Do you believe human life has improved when now they never know what to decide, what to think, and that they are often at the mercy of those who use “snake techniques”, as the pope said .
Dead leaves: Snake has become famous; is that why he charges so much for his services?
Turtles: a celebrity that is not to his credit, and usurer rates that prove he is a bandit.
Dead leaves: but if Eve was wrong to believe him, Snake is right, she is the culprit; she has not thought long enough about what he suggested.
Turtles: Eve knew neither good nor bad, so she could not be wary. One can not be guilty by ignorance. Goose and Hawk, on the other hand, it’s something else. They know that truth and falsehood exist, so they have to move cautiously to avoid making mistakes, instead of thinking that everything has, in principle, equal value.
Dead leaves: Eve was an easy prey but they think too much that they lead things when in truth, they are manipulated.
Turtles: that’s right. Eve was the first prey of all these peddlers of lies who want to take advantage of the credulity of people, and they think they are above all that when to allow Snake to speak and encourage him to develop his ideas is already justifying the existence of fake news.
Dead leaves: but what to do?
Turtles: as we have said, think about the consequences of your decisions, check who is talking and why, weigh things, resist the sirens of emotions.
Dead leaves: but if someone spreads fake news that look true, cannot one be caught?
Turtles: as we often believe what we want to believe, it’s easy to fool ourselves. Things should not be concluded too quickly, but it requires caution, thought and doubts that go against our desire to be right.
Dead leaves: it is so complicated! Have you ever been fooled yourself?
Turtles: yes, a long time ago …
Dead leaves: so you’re not that reasonable, it’s reassuring.

Turtles: no, it’s not reassuring, on the contrary. If we are being fooled, imagine how it is for all those who are less cautious than us.
Dead leaves: this is probably why Snake can say that true and false are only points of view. There are so many opinions and so few ways to test them all. What should Goose and Hawk have done then?
Turtles: never give him the floor. In half an hour, he almost managed to convince you that he was right and he went from guilty to victim. Goose and Hawk should have insisted that one should not take what people say for granted because truth exists and requires common sense and patience to be reached. Unfortunately, they let themselves be led by his arguments.
Dead leaves: he is good!
Turtles: that’s why we must always be wary of him because he will never change.
Dead leaves: at least in that regards, we know what to do!

One thought on “Are true and false only points of views?”

  1. True and false are not of the material world. And even the material world is made up of more space between molecules than substance. There would be no art without the wisdom of snake.

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