Stick wonders why bad days come out of the blue, and Heron suggests they are tests to help us reflect about what we want to do in the future.

Stick:  eh, Heron, here you are! I wanted to ask you somerhing: have you ever had bad days?
Heron: of course, Stick, those days are part of life, don’t you know that already?
Stick: that’s what I thought, but I wanted to check with you. Do you know why they come?
Heron: I have an idea, but I don’t know if it ‘s right. I think they are tests.
Stick: tests?
Heron: yes, endurance tests, personality tests. Tests to find out if you quit or if you stand up and continue.
Stick: do you have an example?
Heron: the other day, I was quietly perched on one of my legs to watch for fish,  but I could not catch any. Then a branch felt on me. Somewhat shaken, I decided to go to my nest and have a rest, but my wing ached, so I had to hobble there. When I arrived, I had no more house, it had been blown away by the wind.
Stick: what did you do?
Heron: I laid down in a thicket, hoping the fox would not find me, and I spent the night there. The wind calmed down, my wing recovered, I repaired my nest the next day with all the branches that the wind had thrown on the ground.
Stick: Heron, you’re awesome!
Heron: when nothing goes well, you must regain your strength, and wait for the next day. If it’s not better, at least you have fresh energy to start the day, and fix what needs to be fixed.
Stick: what if it’s worse? Suppose the fox had found you …
Heron: well, what can I say? Ito livet’s bad luck. In any case, it cannot last forever. If you don’t die, you always have the possibility to start again elsewhere, differently. That’s why I say bad days are normal stages of life.
Stick: yes, tests. I understand better now.
Heron: when something bothers you, Stick, let time pass. It will allow you to find the solution that escapes you on the moment, because you’re too concerned with what’s not going  well to see it could be the start of something better.
Stick: I have to clear my mind?
Heron: yes, it’s a way as any to say it. But I must add something: these days are tests only if you think about what happened in order to gain something from it,  otherwise they are useless, but you’re the only one to blame.
Stick: you mean bad days are opportunities to think about ways to have good days?
Heron: yes, that’s right, you are a quick thinker. By the way, did you bring me some fish?
Stick:  good move, Heron, you are a quick thinker too! Yes, I have them, here they are!

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