Blue berries and Stick leave the Domain to set up a business in the West; that’s what the Blue Berries tell the Green berries in this dialogue that will close a chapter of their friendship.

Blue berries: Green berries, my friends, we have great news to tell you and it’s thanks to you that we have them!

Green berries: Are you going to have an offspring?

Blue berries: yes, and if you hadn’t made sure to pass the word to Stick through Woman-tree, we would still despair again.

Green berries: congratulations, then! Are you happy?

Blue berries: happy and sad too because we are going to leave and we don’t know when we’ll see you again.

Green berries: where are you going? Why?

Blue berries: when we knew for sure we would have an offspring, we asked Stick to set up a business with us. He had told us one day that he wanted to partner with us but his plan had gone sour. We thought making calls could interest him as Baguette and him know all the different species of wood.

Blue berries: calls?! I wonder if I could use them to attract some birds I like… But why did you have this idea, is it a disguised revenge?

Blue berries: Stick made the same comment, and there is a bit of truth in it, but it’s mainly because we like trading.

Green berries: it doesn’t explain why you have to leave…

Blue berries: at first, Stick didn’t know if it was ethical for him to embark on such a project; he spoke to Baguette about it and you know what? Some of her cousins ​​started this business a few years ago. So they decided to partner with them. For that, though, we have to go West and we’ll go just after the marriage.

Green berries: we’ll miss you and the Domain will miss you too, but if it’s what you want to do, we are happy for you.

Blue berries: we would have preferred to stay here but it will be much easier to work there. We had also thought of Snake as a seller but we’ll find someone else, and it will probably be better.

Green berries: partnering with Snake, it’s risky! In any case, what a change it’s going to make!

Blue berries: especially because it’s so sudden! To talk about something else, are you coming to the wedding?

Blue berries: yes, of course! We are not in favor of getting maried but having a party, we like that!

Blue berries: you don’t change, do you?

Green berries: don’t count on it! We want to enjoy life and its pleasures and we have decided we won’t have offspring: too much trouble, not enough freedom. It means we’ll be able to come and see you once you are settled and, who knows, be briefly acquainted to the exotic birds of the west.

Blue berries: you’ll always be welcome and for the rest, we will close our eyes.

Green berries: so it’s a pact! We have also decided that we will gladly accept to be godmothers of your descendants. They will replace the ones we don’t want for us, and now that we know you’re leaving, it’s even more important since you’ll not be there to deal with them.

Blue berries: Green berries, we were quite worried about that, but you reassure us.

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