On the occasion of Stick and Wand wedding, Goose found a charming story about humans; it’s on this positive note that she and Hawk will finish their emission in the Domain. (Ref: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-40914118).

Goose: Hawk, I have great news for us! Don’t put us live right now, so we can discuss it a little bit.

Hawk: you pick my curiosity, Goose, what’s going on?

Goose: I just got an offer from a radio station where I have contacts. Our show interests them and they’d like us to do it at their place. They would offer us food and lodging, we would have a much bigger audience.

Hawk: Goose, you are amazing. How did you find that?

Goose: I meet a lot of different animals during my travels; some have very interesting lives, like this team that broadcasts for much of the East Coast.

Hawk: so we were not the only ones having a radio show!

Goose: no, but the only ones to do the kind of show we do, and the only ones to be a strange couple like ours.

Hawk: a couple, are you sure?

Goose: you know what I mean, Hawk; besides, if the offer interests you, you’ll have to see me more often and we will see if you still like it.

Hawk: but what about you? Don’t you mind leaving the Domain?

Goose: I will miss my friends here, but I’m a migratory bird and you were one also before becoming sedentary. The idea of ​​going somewhere else to do something I like appeals to me.

Hawk: would you leave without me?

Goose: I would rather we continue together if that’s what you want to hear. I think our association is productive and that’s why we are invited. But what do you think?

Hawk: I have to get used to the idea but yes, I’m interested; you wake up the migrant in me.

Goose: well, let’s leave that for now and start the show, we’re almost late.

Hawk: hello Goose, what’s new today?

Goose: well, Hawk, as you know, Stick is getting married; for the occasion, I found a charming story that reminds us that the world is beautiful and that even humans have qualities.

Hawk: a tour de force, it seems! What is it about?

Goose: in Canada, a policeman paid for clothes that a thief wanted to take away.

Hawk: instead of arresting him?

Goose: yes, that’s correct. The thief was a man without resources or jobs; he wanted to be well dressed to go to an interview. That’s what he told the policeman who came to arrest him, and luckily that policeman was very kind.

Hawk: because he was Canadian maybe! Did the interview went well?

Goose: yes, the man was hired!

Hawk: you were right, your story is charming.

Goose: wait, it’s not over. The whole family was having a hard time, so the policeman’s friends found work for his father too.

Hawk: policemen like that, we want more of them!

Goose: it’s only that they rarely have an opportunity to do good things.

Hawk: yes, you’re right. Anyway, I love your story and I don’t want to comment it more; it is self-sufficient.

Goose: true, when people are good and happy, there is nothing to say.

Hawk: that’s why at Stick wedding, we won’t comment but celebrate with enthusiasm.

Goose: I don’t doubt it, Hawk, I don’t doubt it.

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