Deer1: eh, here you are, Snake! Tell us, is it true that you regret what you did to Eve? Did you have a choice anyway?

Deer2: why didn’t you go away if she bothered you?

Snake: dear Deer, I see that you had a talk with Stick! Yes, it’s true, I regret making her believe that everything would be easy, and I actually hesitated to leave, but in the end, I liked it better if she was the one leaving, it was easier.

Deer1: us, when we see a problem, we flee. We have no other choice.

Deer2: trying to do otherwise would hurt us; we have nothing but our agility and speed to protect us.

Snake: I could have run, or I could have bitten as it is how I defend myself most often, but Eve did not threaten me directly, and it seemed to me that there was another solution.

Deer1: why didn’t you tell her you did not want to see her anymore?

Deer2: were you afraid of her?

Snake: I did not want to harm her openly.

Deer1: so your choice was one of cowardice?

Deer2: it was easier to suggest an apple than to tell her what you thought about her?

Snake: please, Deer, be a little nicer with me! I don’t know how a human reacts when contradicted, so I had to protect myself.

Deer1: then you didn’t really have a choice.

Deer2: it just took you longer to decide because you thought your options were open.

Snake: you’re right, it was difficult to find the correct answer, but there was only one that fitted, in the end.

Deer1: this is probably always the case.

Deer2: one hesitates to take the obvious decisions because one believes that there may be others, but it only complicates things.

Deer1: yet we must undoubtedly pass by this process of decision-making to be sure it is the right decision.

Deer2: in any case, you spoiled our paradise, but you enlivened our lives.

Deer1: therefore, you have nothing to regret. Your choice, that was not really  a choice, was the necessary one.

Deer2: the only one possible because the only one that allowed the rest.

Snake: you have a lot of common sense, dear friends, I did well to come this way.

Deer1: ha, ha, it was the right choice, then!

Deer2: yet did you think about it this time?

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