Turtles and Dead Leaves go back to what Goose and Hawk have said about nudism; they explain that clothes are a social convention that defines the values of a given society, and that their rejection aims to create new norms.

Turtles: Dead leaves, did you listen to Goose and Hawk lately?
Dead leaves: their show about nudism?
Turtles: yes, that’s the one. A lot of nonsense that we now have to correct.
Dead leaves: apart from making fun of humans, what did they say that we should talk about?
Turtles: you’re right, not much, but that’s exactly why we’re on air, to try to bring sense where it’s missing.
Dead leaves: but what about nudism? It makes us shudder as soon as we think about it.
Turtles: rest assured, it’s not a problem for animals and plants!
Dead leaves: you never leave your shells, just to see?
Turtles: talking about nudism makes you lose your head, my friends! No, we don’t leave our shell and anyway, there can be nudism only if there are clothes; but our shell is not a garment, it’s part of us.
Dead leaves: why do humans have clothes?
Turtles: to protect themselves from cold, insects, sun …
Dead leaves: is it a sign of their ingenuity?
Turtles: it has also become a sign of social belonging. They have great symbolic value.
Dead leaves: to get rid of them, it’s to deny society?
Turtles: it’s to think that it’s possible to deny it or to change it by returning to a natural state that never existed; and as nudity is often a sign of sexual intimacy, it’s also thinking that it will be a physical communion with nature.
Dead leaves: are nudists dreamers?
Turtles: they believe they’ll be themselves if they get rid of conventions, but because humans have never lived naked, they only create a new convention.
Dead leaves: the one that claims to reject others?
Turtles: it gives them a sense of freedom.
Dead leaves: mosquitoes must like that!
Turtles: ha, Dead leaves, if there are mosquitoes, humans protect themselves with chemicals. It creates a transparent armor around them.
Dead leaves: why is nudism accepted in Finland and rejected in Canada?
Turtles: every society defines humanity differently. In Finland, one remains human while being naked, and people there have a long tradition of nudism; in Canada, rejecting clothing is probably rejecting modesty that defines social relations.
Dead leaves: everything is now explained!
Turtles: it’s only because they have a superficial look at things that Goose and Haw can say what they are saying.
Dead leaves: fortunately we are around to put things in order!

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