Rabbit: Blue Berries, how’s Stick? It’s been a while since he came to the Domain.

Blues Berries: he’s not often at home anymore, he spends a lot of time with his girlfriend.

Green Berries: he solved his problem with her?

Blue Berries: it wasn’t a problem, things just had to be decided.

Rabbit: love is never simple.

Blue Berries: you’re right, Rabbit, one needs to be patient and determined

Green Berries: everything we don’t like. Constancy, monogamy, slowness.

Blue Berries: this may be because you haven’t yet encountered a bird that delights you enough

Green Berries: he is probably not yet born, and we love our independence too much.

Rabbit: in any case, I wish Stick all the happiness in the world. I love married life.

Green Berries: who is talking ?! With the reputation you have!

Rabbit: I am called Rabbit, but I am a hare, a different and faithful species.

Green Berries: well, we don’t know if we envy you. Have you ever seen Stick girlfriend?

Blues Berries: she came home once.

Rabbit: is she pretty?

Blue Berries: it’s a wand, what more can I say? She is fine and supple and has a beautiful color, so for a stick, she’s probably pretty.

Green Berries: of course she is pretty. The Blue Berries are jealous, that’s all!

Blue Berries: not at all! Stick took us to decorate his house and we knew it, that suits us perfectly. We can breed in his garden and that’s the main thing.

Rabbit: reproduction, I like that too!

Green Berries: that one, he only thinks to multiply. It makes Hawk happy.

Rabbit: Hawk doesn’t pray on my family or me. I have a pact with him: I tell him where the mice nest, he leaves me alone.

Green Berries: you’re smart, Rabbit, but you’re not very moral.

Rabbit: morality is always relative to the interests that one has, isn’t it? I am faithful to my companion, it ‘s not your case.

Green Berries: morality should be independent of our interest to deserve its name, but okay, okay, let us run, we’ll let you betray.

Rabbit: if you race, I’m always game for it, as for betraying, I have no affinity with mice so I don’t see what you mean.

Blue Berries: don’t get angry, Rabbit, we’re always happy to see you.

Green Berries: and your ears are so sexy, we would be all yours if you were a bird.

Rabbit: Green Berries, you are incorrigible! Well, good-bye.

Green Berries and Blue Berries: come back soon!

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