Heron and Bird share their plans for the months to come and claim that singing well or being wise, it’s touching the harmony of the world.

Heron: eh, Bird, you know what?

Bird: no, what?

Heron: I have found a way to have fish like you have seeds.

Bird: not by singing, I would hope!

Heron: make fun of me and you will see what happens to you! No, not by singing, by talking.

Bird:  by talking? But to whom do you talk?

Heron: to Stick, of course! You know he often asks me questions. The other day, he promised to bring me fish to thank me for my advice.

Bird: yes, what you say is often wise, so it makes sense.  I’ve noticed that it’s often how you connect to the harmony of the world. Well done, Heron, you are now all set for winter!

Heron: that’s right, but I’m going anyway. I do not want to stand here in front of a frozen lake, even if fish are coming my way. I have a house in the south, I’ll go there for a few months.

Bird: you’ll migrate to the sun, how lucky.

Heron: eh, Bird, you got a good life here with all you peck at the manor.

Bird: I do not peck, Heron. I’m not a chicken! And don’t you think that when humans forget to fill the bird feeder, I rather be in a warmer climate to find food more easily ?

Heron: don’t get mad, Bird, I was just answering your impertinence, but I hadn’t thought about what you said, sorry! Why don’t you come with me?

Bird: I cannot, I’m not meant to fly so far and so long. We each have our limitations, you, it’s the singing, me, it’s the flying. Do you have a girlfriend in the south?

Heron: no, you know I’m alone since the accident.

Bird: you’ll maybe meet someone there.

Heron: oh, I do not think so, it’s a pretty lonely place.

Bird who knows, Heron, who knows? A female heron as wild as you are …

Heron: are you still making fun of me?

Bird: no, not at all, not at all. I even wish you a good trip and a good time, whatever you do.

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