Ref: BBC article, Nov 25th, 2016: India short bans fireworks in Delhi after Diwali smog

Hawk: he, Goose, what are we going to talk about today?

Goose: what about what is happening in Delhi right now? The pollution there is so bad that the government has banned fireworks.

Hawk: don’t tell me they are the root of pollution!

Goose: no, but during the Diwali period, it is a tradition and a sign of wealth to use a lot of them. Then the air  becomes unbreathable.

Hawk: ha, these Indians, they like to party but they poison their lungs, is that right?

Goose: that’s right, everyone gets something out of it!

Hawk: it’s sad to have to forbid festivities. They are not the cause of the problem and it sounds more like a punishment than a solution.

Goose: you mean, it’s an hypocritical measure?

Hawk: it requires everyone to deprive himself or herself of a pleasure while the solution is elsewhere, but more difficult to put in place. And I don’t know if it can be effective because everyone individually doesn’t think they have a significant impact, so why be cautious?

Goose: it makes me think of what happens in the Domain. Garbage is piling up because no one feels responsible.

Hawk: it would take guards to enforce the rules, but it would create new conflicts.

Goose: it seems things are never simple with humans, and that the weakest ones are the ones paying the most for the excesses of the strongest.

Hawk: you sound revolutionary, Goose, but you’re right, those who sell fireworks will fight the ban on the pretext of lost jobs, and they will undoubtedly win. Struggle is a law of nature.

Goose: yes, I guess the grass I eat is not necessarily happy with what I’m doing! So, what can we say about the situation in Delhi?

Hawk: Humans have learned how to keep, collect and get rich, but they haven’t learn when to stop. They are like invasive plants that colonize trees in the Domain. They strive on them but they make them die too, so in the end, they disappear with them.

Goose: this time, you’re the one who seems revolutionary! Is there no solution? Will they destroy the earth and us with it?

Hawk: not if we are stronger than them.

Goose: what do you mean?

Hawk: our attachment to nature which makes us weak today will be what will save us later.

Goose: is it the parable of the master and the slave?

Hawk: yes, you’re right.

Goose: so there’s hope for us.

Hawk: and for all who will show skill, moderation, and independence.

Goose: the fires that disappear illuminate us!

Hawk: Goose, you’ve a perfect sense of irony!

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