Green berries: Angel, come here, we would like to ask you something …

Angel: be quick, I have a soul in pain to go and help, and I’m afraid she’ll succumb to evil if I wait too long.

Green berries: well, that’s what we want to talk about. Do we have free-will, or are we defined by our birth?

Angel: what a question, Green Berries! You have free-will, of course! This is what allows you to choose between good or evil, don’t you know that?

Green berries: leave your beatifying speech aside for a minute, Angel, and listen better! We want to know if we have a destiny that we guess and makes us act. Us, for example, we have always be offered and generous as long as we can remember, can we be anything else, or will we be offered and generous forever whether we want it or not?

Angel: I don’t understand you, don’t you like who you are?

Green berries: not always, but it seems that our inner nature prevents us from changing. You are an angel in order to help and advise, that’s what you do. Stick, him, walks and ask questions, that’s who he is. Snake is always hiding, and is not reliable. Heron is the wise one. It is as if their choices were limited. Do we all have a role that we have to play, and that we sometimes hate …?

Angel: I’ll stop you here right away,  my pretty ones! I love what I do, and I cannot not love it.

Green berries: well, that ‘s exactly what we mean: you can’t be different from what you are. In your case, it may suit you …

Angel: yes, it suits me perfectly!

Green berries … but for others who are imperfect or wicked, or would like to experiment with new identities, they can’t change. They suffer from it, and it’s like this suffering reinforces their wickedness, or their unsatisfied desire to be different.

Angel: come on, what are you saying?  Redemption is offered to all!

Green berries: you are really obtuse, Angel, but your stubbornness is your answer. You can’t understand what we mean because you are not like us, which seems to prove that we can’t escape our fate.

Angel: why do you ask this question, then?

Green berries: you’re supposed to be aware of the divine purposes, right? We thought you could enlighten us on this.

Angel: asking such questions is wanting to know more than necessary, Green Berries. I advise you to accept who you are.

Green berries (between themselves): he will not tell us anything, it’s not worth it. (to Angel) okay, Angel, we will not bother you any longer. Have a good day.

Angel: you too, Green Berries. Your generosity is  your charm, keep it.

Green berries (between themselves): for an angel, he is not very bright. We should have asked Heron.

Angel (to himself): I will pray for them; if they no longer listen to their heart, they will become increasingly uncertain of what to do.

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