Ref: BBC article of April 5, 2017: Could making the Ganges a ‘person’ save India’s holiest river? –

Goose: Hawk, before I leave, here’s another story …
Hawk: … oh, you’re leaving! Are you going south?
Goose: yes, and a little further to explore new countries. You don’t want to hear my story from India?
Hawk: of course I do, I’m a little troubled because we won’t see each other again for a while, that’s all.
Goose: you know I’m a goose, Hawk? You cannot get attached to me. Besides, we said we’ll do Skype, remember?
Hawk: yes, I was afraid you’d forgotten. Now that I feel better, tell me, what happened again in India?
Goose: a court of justice has decided that two rivers would have the same rights as humans.
Hawk: they want to exploit them?
Goose: very funny, Hawk. No, they want to protect them.
Hawk: by being human, they’ll be protected? Humans always fight each other!
Goose: they said that if these rivers have the same rights as a person, it will be easier to ensure they are respected.
Hawk: don’t you think it’s comical? As if India had a good record concerning human rights.
Goose: I guess they want to improve. Gandhi was Indian, after all.
Hawk: yes, and he was fighting inequalities in his country. But you’re right, I’m the devil’s advocate here, maybe because I’m sad you’re leaving soon. I understand what they want to do, though, even if I find it amazing. Why can’t they respect the river as a river?
Goose: instead of making it a person to understand that they must respect it, is that what you mean?
Hawk: yes, exactly. This implies that only humans have rights.
Goose: that’s why I was interested in this story, and I wanted your take on it. I guess they see it as the 1st step for everyone to realize that a river is precious, but I agree with you, it’s a debatable way of thinking.
Hawk: it goes with their tradition of thinking that spirits are everywhere, but if spirits are everywhere, why make the list of sacred things since they are all sacred?
Goose: probably because if your education has gaps or your ethics is not perfect, you need reminders that some things are not allowed.
Hawk: what bothers me is that humans who don’t even know how to fly properly or resist the cold like we do allow themselves to decide for us and for nature!
Goose: I think it’s their way of protecting us from the lust of some of them. Look at the Domain. If it wasn’t protected, there would be houses everywhere.
Hawk: Goose, seen like that, you are right and I’ll miss your common sense.
Goose: don’t worry, Hawk, if you give me your Skype address, I’ll call you in a fortnight!

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