For Woman-tree, there’s no doubt, fate exists and she proves it to Stick.

Stick: Woman-tree, you who are firmly rooted in the land, do you think fate exists?
Woman-tree: of course it does, Stick, and I’ll tell you something else: it appears in what disturbs you. What has no meaning for you, you don’t see it, or you forget it quickly.
Stick: I only notice what matters for my destiny, is that what you mean?
Woman-tree: yes, indeed. But why are you asking me this question?
Stick: strange things often happen to me, and I regularly think about them to try to find their meaning. I wanted to know if I was wasting my time.
Woman-tree: their meaning can escape you for a long time, or take different forms as time passes; in any case, it is a process that guides you, accept it as it comes, and see how you can best use it. You will then have the answer you seek.
Stick: how do you know that?

Woman-tree: I was not always a tree, Stick, and I had a lot of trouble understanding why I had been transformed into one. I now know  that I’m here to advise those who come and see me, and I like it.
Stick: those who come and  see you?
Woman-tree: yes, all these men with questions. I used to give myself to them before, in order to satisfy them, but they understood nothing. Now I talk to them, and they are much more grateful. It was my destiny, but I had to wander a long time before understanding it.
Stick: are they the ones who put flowers at your feet?
Woman-tree: ha, you have seen them? Yes, others carve their hopes on my trunk, but there is less of them now, they have lost their childhood soul. I feel a bit lonely here, and I’m glad you saw me, even if you are only a stick.

Stick: if you are who you say you are, I’ll be the one thanking you. But how do you know that this is your fate and that it will not change?
Woman-tree: I feel at peace with what I do. If, one day, it is no longer the case, I ‘ll know that something else will come. For now, my destiny is to be the voice of the one you love. When you speak about her, she will be the one answering you, but not the one you see, the one she really is.
Stick: so I’ll know her better that she wants to?
Woman-tree: you’ll know what she thinks, but you won’t be able to tell her, she would not accept it.
Stick: this is very complicated.
Woman-tree: this is my first lesson for you, Stick. The female spirit is not limited to the words it speaks, but the words it speaks are the only ones it is willing to admit.

Stick: what is the relationship with my destiny?
Woman-tree: don’t you know not that women are the future of men?
Stick: Woman-tree, you have an answer for everything! But then, who is the future of women?
Woman-tree: it is in the community, Stick, in what is whispered around us. It helps us define us.
Stick: would a man’s fate, therefore, be to speak louder so that the woman he loves follow him?
Woman-tree: you are insightful, Stick, but be careful about what you tell her, it is not enough to speak loudly, it must also be right… And fate takes many forms…

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