Where we see that indeed, and thanks to Stick, everything comes to those who wait!

Stick: Blue berries, you are so pretty, does it mean everything is easy for you?

Blue berries: Alas no Stick, we are pretty but what good is it to be pretty if those for whom we prepared do not want us? We wait without hope.

Stick: what do you mean, do not want you? Who could not admire you and desire you?

Blue berries: the birds, Stick, the birds for which we are destined and who ignore us. Throughout the spring and summer we prepare for them, we avoid parasites and hail and setbacks in order to achieve this shiny blue color that fits us so well on the yellow background of the leaves,  but they don’t come, they fly in the sky without even looking at us.

Stick: is there anything you can do?

Blue berries: nothing, Stick, nothing. A long time ago, we knew how to talk to them in their language, but they did not want to hear us and we lost this skill. We now have only our colors to be desired, but it ‘s not enough, as we are still here.

Stick: I admire you, and I’d gladly pick you to take you with me, but I could never eat you, I fear. I do not believe that I’d digest you easily.

Blue berries: Stick, you’re nice and you speak our language. You don’t have to eat us, just take us, this is how we colonize new land, and this is what we want above all. The birds are just our traditional carriers, but if you take care of us, we will not have prepared for nothing, and you will allow us to achieve our goal.

Stick: I pick you then, and I say thank you to these stupid birds that have neglected you. They made my day.

Blue berries: thus, it is true, everything come to those who wait! We had heard it, but we did not think that could apply to us, especially not in this way.

Stick: you were wrong to despair, even if what I offer is  not what you imagined.  You’ll see, your life in my  house will be much more enjoyable than in the stomach of a volatile. More enjoyable and quite different from what you thought would happen to you if the plans I conceived when I saw you become one day a reality.

Blue berries: you have us curious now…

Stick: I know, but I won’t say anything more, I must do some thinking first.

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