Snake tells the Deer that Squirrel said they are gay, and that he himself regularly changes sex. The Deer ask him if he could find radio equipment for Turtles and Dead leaves.

Snake: eh, Deer, do you know what Squirrel said to Angel?

Deer1: no.

Deer2: tell us.

Snake: she told him you are gay!

Deer1: what ?! But why?

Deer2: what did he say? Will he bring it back to God?

Snake: for God, it won’t be a surprise since He knows everything, but Angel, he was all taken aback!

Deer1: was he flying upside down? I would have liked to see that!

Deer2: how silly you are! Tell me, what we are going to do now?

Deer1: nothing. Do you want to go back to the closet?

Deer2: no, it took us too long to get out.

Deer1: so we’ll deal with it, that’s all.

Deer2: you’re right. I would have preferred  us being the ones who say it, but never mind. What was Squirrel thinking?

Snake: Angel must have annoyed her, you know how he is. She also told him I change sex regularly.

Deer1: we had noticed your voice was changing too …

Deer2: how can it be done? I’d like to be a doe.

Snake: I don’t change sex, Squirrel is mistaken, I’m just hermaphrodite.

Deer1: but your species is not hermaphrodite!

Deer2: someone had to start! How did you do it?

Snake: my cousin the copper-headed moccasin explained it to me. It’s mostly a matter of will.

Deer1: is he the one you see in Florida? I knew you had dubious relationships.

Deer2: but how comes Squirrel knows it? Do you know her that well?

Deer1: he must have tried to seduce her, you know how he is …

Deer2: did you had a crush on her?

Snake: I thought I’d please her by saying I could be a female,  but it didn’t work. She is strictly lesbian as far as pleasure is concerned.

Deer1: Snake, I thought your story with Eve had calmed you down. It doesn’t seem to be the case.

Deer2: can you have children alone, then?

Snake: yes, but I’m not interested in that, I just do it for the fun of it.

Deer1: speaking about fun, do you want to please the Turtles?

Deer2:  that’s right, I forgot!

Snake: the Turtles?! There’re not exactly my style! What do they want?

Deer1: radio equipment.

Deer2: it’s to compete with Goose and Hawk, the Dead leaves told us.

Snake: so you’re still going to the Manor, aren’t you? What do they offer in exchange?

Deer1: frogs.

Deer2: hermaphroditic frogs!

Snake: I’ll go see them, then,  but it’s going to cost them a bundle!

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