Squirrel: he, Blue Berries, tell me, how’s it going with Stick, did you find happiness?

Blue Berries: Squirrel, you’re so curious! We feel good and we know that our life will not be lived in vain, does it seem  a good answer?

Squirrel: it is certainly better than not feeling good nor in its place, but aren’t you missing something?

Blue Berries: no. We are admired, we know that our presence is a source of joy, we know that our desires will be met, we count for someone, what else should we ask for?

Squirrel: freedom, the idea that everything is open and possible.

Blue Berries: we have lived free a long time, and in the waiting, but the horizon was only opening to previously known landscapes, and it was becoming increasingly empty. We needed some change, we got it, and we don’t regret anything.

Squirrel: so you’ve given up your freedom to take care of one only?

Blue Berries: yes, you can say that. We needed an anchor. Happiness for us was in sharing

Squirrel: I like to take care of myself alone, and I do not want to be stuck with one passerby. Happiness is the ability to choose.

Blue Berries: if you can do that, that’s fine, but we couldn’t hope for that anymore since we were not attracting  those for which we were designed. We had became invisible. How could we be happy when none of our actions had any value?

Squirrel: you mean happiness depends on others? Your actions could have been a source of happiness for you only, don’t you think so ?

Blue Berries: we were happy to know that we were pretty and off to a great journey, and it seemed enough. Yet the day the one who was  supposed to come and take us ignored us, there wasn’t any happiness left. We had no meaning anymore.

Squirrel: but Stick took you to decorate his house only, nothing more. He loves a plant of his kind.

Blue berries: he also loves us in his own way and above all, he allows us to fulfill our destiny. The rest doesn’t matter.

Squirrel: but isn’t happiness in the look we have on ourselves too?

Blue Berries: sometimes we feel like smiling and we do it because our problems are gone, don’t you think it’s a good sign? Our life as it is is enough for us. For the rest, we don’t worry.

Squirrel: then yes, you seem to have found happiness. As for me, I confess that being alone to care for children is sometimes a burden, but I remain faithful to my choices because they are based on my experience, not on imposed values. I’m sure that having a companion would give me more trouble than benefits, and make my smile disappear.

Blue Berries: if you’re okay with yourself, and have a good life, it seems enough, right? Happiness is always relative and a little selfish, but as you see, it also needs the others, present or not, to be defined.

Squirrel: then we agree despite our differences. Happiness is the satisfactory relationship that we gradually establish with the world.

Blue Berries: this will be our definition for the time being,  and we will see whether we need to revise it later!

Skirrel: the appointment is made, Blue Berries, the appointment is made!

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