Heron changes his plans because Heronnee cannot come to the Domain as he had hoped. That’s what he tells Stick when this one invites him to his wedding with Wand.

Stick: Heron, Heron, are you here?
Heron: I’m coming, Stick, I’m coming; I was reading a letter that Heronnee sent me, and I was wondering what to do.
Stick: what’s going on?
Heron: she cannot come, her father is sick and she wants to stay in the South to take care of him.
Stick: so what are you going to do?
Heron: that’s what I was thinking about. I’m going to join her there, of course, but it’s not a very good time to travel in this direction; I was trying to decide if it was still possible.
Stick: is it a matter of winds, of food on the way, of places to stay on arrival?
Heron: I don’t know, I never made the trip at that time, that’s all.
Stick: but Heronnee had probably never made the trip at all, and yet she had decided to come, so why couldn’t you do the same?
Heron: yes, you’re right; it’s just that I have to get used to the idea. I was planning to create a new colony here with her, and I was looking for some nice places to do it but suddenly, I have to change my plans.

Stick: yes, life is full of uncertainties; my plans have changed too, if you can believe it; but before talking about that, I hope you’ll still be around when Wand and me get married. You are invited. I wanted to invite Heronnee too, but I see it won’t be possible.

Heron: when is it, your weeding?

Stick: at the next full moon; if the sky is clear, we’ll have a nice light for the party after the ceremony.

Heron: then I’ll be there; it would have been a shame to leave before, but this timing is perfect; what about your second news?

Stick: we’ll go and settle in the west after the wedding.

Heron: you too you’ll leave the Domain! It’s weird as suddenly, things rush and changes happen.

Stick: do you have a theory about that?

Heron: a theory, I don’t know, but the world never remains motionless and that is the proof. This is how it evolves and creates new orders. We are only its toys even when we think we make conscious choices.

Stick: always this idea of destiny, then.

Heron: yes, if you want; but tell me, why are you going west?

Stick: to set up a project that the Blue berries talked me into; it will be easier to achieve it with Wand’s cousins; they are already working on the same idea there.
Heron: see, it’s how things move; small facts pile up and create changes; this project, what is it?
Stick: to make calls.
Heron: for hunters ?!
Stick: no, of course not! For birders. We’ll specialize in rare species and those that hunters don’t care about.
Heron: will you do the call of the heron?
Stick: I don’t know yet, but if we do it, we’ll go and see you to make sure it’s accurate!
Heron: with pleasure Stick, with pleasure; even without that, you know you’ll always be welcome wherever I am, with or without any questions for me!
Stick: questions for you, I’ll always have some, Heron, so you’ll probably see me regularly!

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