Bird: Heron, you’re back! I’m glad to see you.

Heron: thanks for your kind words, Bird, I needed some comfort.

Bird: what’s going on?

Heron: I met someone in the south.

Bird: but it’s wonderful, why are you sad?

Heron: I don’t know if she’s going to come here.

Bird: then why did you leave her?

Heron: I don’t like the south in summer, it’s too hot and humid.

Bird: and what does she think of the north?

Heron: she doesn’t like it, she is very sensitive to the cold.

Bird: then you’ll have to find a place somewhere in between…

Heron: I know, but I don’t want not to come in A Singular Domain anymore. I love this place and I love its inhabitants, you included, although you often make fun of me.

Bird: ha, Heron, you are suddenly very sentimental, but don’t worry, confidence for confidence, I make fun of you only because I love you.

Heron: Bird, I knew I could count on you.

Bird: so, for Heronee, what do you plan to do?

Heron: I want to convince her to come and join me here because she doesn’t know that it is warmer than she thinks, and that my friends could be hers.

Bird: did you tell her that?

Heron: yes, of course, she even told me to go back, but she didn’t promise anything.

Bird: she must be thinking. A woman needs time before making a decision.

Heron: do you speak knowingly?

Bird: weeks and weeks were necessary to conquer Birdee. I thought I would completely lose my voice.

Heron: what is your advice then, patience and perseverance?

Bird: isn’t it what defines you? It should be easy.

Heron: it’s easy when I’m catching fishes, but for Heronee, it’s different, she troubles me a lot.

Bird: enjoy it, you haven’t been been troubled for a long time, haven’t you?

Heron: yes, you’re right, but I’m not sure I’m as wise as you are at this time.

Bird: to be wise and to be in love, it hardly goes well together!

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