Doubt and the search of knowledge are linked, says Bird, yet singing is much better.

Stick: Tell me, Bird, you sing and always seem merry, don’t you ever have any fear or doubt?

Bird: Of course I have, Stick, but I’ll confide you a secret since you seem ready to listen to me: I sing and I forget them.

Stick: Is it as simple as that?

Bird: In any case, is the best thing to do. The rest will come little by little.

Stick: Yet there are important things to decide, and they require reflection, don’t they? Truths to find in order to know better how to act, or how to be?

Bird: Yes, of course, but these important things are important only because they count for you, and if they count for you, you already know how to address them when they arise. That’s the truth, you don’t even have to think about it, you have already done so, consciously or not, and you already know how you should act. You hesitate because you doubt your intuitions when you should only ask yourself how to best follow them, so that the path that they show you becomes clear. If you were using your brain to plan and organize what you are going to do instead of procrastinating, you would feel much better. This is my advantage on you, I have a small brain, I can’t embarrass it with useless questions.

Stick: Bird, you make me laugh, and I wonder if you’re right.

Bird: Stick, you’re incorrigible with your questions! Follow my advice, and  you ‘ll find what you are looking for. Doubt is the sign that you know the truth, even though you may not realize it yet. Do not let it shy you away from action, as it is only action that will make the truth appear. And above all, don’t forget to sing, it will be much more enjoyable, if not for others, at least for you.

2 thoughts on “How can doubt lead to knowledge?”

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