In this first dialogue of A Singular Domain, Heron tells Stick how to be successful.

Stick – Say Heron , as you seem wise and patient, what do you think about being stubborn?

Heron – Ah , Stick, you always worry! What do you think I do all day perched on my two legs if not being stubborn? The fish is out there somewhere, I know it will pass within reach. I do not know which one it will be, or whether it will be my favorite, but I have to eat and it is an idea that never leaves me. Without it, I would die, I ‘d fly here and there without stopping long enough to scoop something, and I’d end up exhausted . Therefore I am consistent in my choices, and determined. One needs to be stubborn to achieve something, it seems obvious to me.

Stick – I see , Heron, but how do you find out if you are in the right place when you are stubborn?

Heron – I never know it completely, it’s part of life. I just think that I’m experienced enough to choose the proper place and to wait the proper time, but if that is not the case, if it turns out I was wrong, I go somewhere else when I am tired of being where I am .

Stick – So being stubborn is not being certain?

Heron – It is because you are sure you should do what you are doing, and it is not because you cannot be sure it will bring you what you seek. It guides you without preventing you to ask yourself if the path it make you take is really the one you wanted to take.

Stick : It means I must be stubborn, but still be wary of my stubbornness?

Heron : Yes, but the more experienced you are, there more you’ll know if your idea is valid. Why do you think I moved here so long ago? Have confidence in you and in what you learned, and you will probably reach what you aim .

Stick : Heron, you give really good advice.

Heron : I do not know, Stick, I just shared with you what goes through my head when I stay still. If it suits you , that’s fine, but you have to go away now, I think you’re scaring the fish with your questions

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