Following a decision made by the Taiwanese government to ban the consumption of dogs and cats (see BBC article, April 11, 2017: Taiwan bans slaughter of cats and dogs for human consumption –, Goose and Hawk wonder whether it’s a real progress, or just a superficial change.

Goose: Hawk, do you hear me, do you see me?

Hawk: yes, Goose, no problems. Where are you today?

Goose: in Taiwan.

Hawk: in Taiwan !!! But it’s much further than the south!

Goose: I’m kidding, Hawk, I’m kidding! I’m in Oklahoma as usual, but the story I’m suggesting comes from Taiwan.

Hawk: off China, right?

Goose: yes. The government there made a decision that will undoubtedly have effects in much of Asia: it banned the consumption of dogs and cats.

Hawk: why? It’s good meat, especially puppies and kittens.

Goose: you never thought about becoming a vegetarian? It’s much better for you and the environment.

Hawk: better for me!? Did you see my beak? How would I eat herbs or vegetables! Do they want their people to become vegetarians out there?

Goose: no, but as cats and dogs are increasingly becoming pets, they are no longer considered the same way.

Hawk: I see. So if geese and ducks were to become pets, there would’nt be any more foie gras?

Goose: that’s right, your association of ideas is both stunning and tactful.

Hawk: don’ t worry, you’re a wild goose, you don’ t risk anything.

Goose: I risk a shot like you I suppose, but you are right, domestic species are subspecies that hardly resemble us.

Hawk: do you know there are hawks raised for hunting or for shows?

Goose: yes, and it’ s unnatural like many of the things humans do, but I wonder if you could land on the closed fist of a falconer!

Hawk: I don’ t want to try, but landing on your head, I could do it, so beware. That said, and to return to this new law in Taiwan, I think that whether they ‘re pets or food, cats and dogs remain slaves, bound to the goodwill of their masters,  forced to please them, and probably unable to survive by themselves.

Goose: by being protected, they are better off, don’ t you think?

Hawk: their jail is more pleasant, I grant you that, but it remains a jail.

Goose: they do them a favor by giving them the assurance of a comfortable but limited life, is that what you imply?

Hawk yes. Did you see some of these dogs coming here? Always on a leash, dressed like children !

Goose: you’re right, what a life! An what about these obese cats we sometimes see, unable to reproduce?

Hawk: are they happy, do you think?

Goose: when you don’ t know anything else, what you have seems fine, I suppose.

Hawk: in any case, for us, there’ s nothing better than a wild life.

Goose: especially when you add the technological advances of humans! What do you think of this connection?

Hawk: it’s almost like you were here, but I’m not sure you’d like to see you on the screen!

Goose: between us, you don’t look very pretty either, all green and pixelated, or sometimes completely frozen.

Hawk: in the meantime, as long as you travel, we’ll have to make do with that.

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