References: BBC article, 09/29/2016, “German lion escape ..”

Falcon: so, Goose, what’s new with humans this week?
Goose: well, go figure, it’s again a story coming from Germany. This time, it’s about lions.
Falcon: ha, you love animal stories, don’t you? Tell me, these lions, what were they doing in Germany?
Goose: they were in a zoo, Falcon, in a zoo.
Falcon: eh, I understand. By the way, it’s surely something we should discuss again, but I was wondering if we should make a human enclosure inside the Domain. With Americans, Asians, Africans, small ones, big ones, you know, a little bit of everything to better see what they look like when they cannot attack us.
Goose: um, I don’t know, do you really want to have them constantly under your eyes? And who will catch them and feed them?
Falcon: well, you’re right. Anyway, tell me, your lions…
Goose: as a rule, I do not like them, yet these ones, they didn’t like to be in a cage so they ran away.
Falcon: bravo, the lions!
Goose: they didn’t go far, though. In the middle of a German city, they didn’t know what to do. The humans quickly circled them and pushed them towards their enclosure, but one of them was agitated, so they killed him.
Falcon: they killed him! Like that!
Goose: yes, they were afraid.
Falcon: humans want exoticism and security at the same time, and when nature takes over, they panic. I don’t understand why they think illusion can replace reality.
Goose: they do that everywhere, with zoos, amusement parks, dare-devil rides, suspended glass footbridges. They want the thrills without the danger that goes with it.
Falcon: it means they live half of the experience.
Goose: or they don’t really live, at least not like the rest of us.
Falcon: they like virtual reality and they create it.
Goose: so when a real lion rebels, of course, it creates havoc.
Falcon: I think you’re right about the human enclosure, it’s better to stay as far away from them as possible.
Goose: and live free, I agree with you.
Falcon: peace to the lion of Leipzig, then!
Goose: he died to enlighten us.

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