Rabbit: he, Turtles, what about we play the Hare and Turtle game?

Turtles: Rabbit, you cannot be serious! Don’t you see we are water turtles? Do you want to drown?

Rabbit: I know how to swim, what do you think? A rabbit can do anything.

Turtles: he knows how to boast, for sure.  For the rest, he is quickly distracted and he loses it completely.

Rabbit: think again, Turtles, we, rabbits, seem to have our heads in the clouds ,but we know what we are doing.

Turtles: you only think to frolic and have fun, everyone knows that.

Rabbit: but it’s precisely what interests us. What’s life if not a game?

Turtles: you have to think, Rabbit, you have to reflect! Life is a serious matter that requires time and patience to be well appreciated.

Rabbit: is this why you sunbathe all day on this trunk? To think about your next moves?

Turtles: we observe, Rabbit, we exchange ideas, we draw conclusions.

Rabbit: what for?

Turtles: to become wiser.

Rabbit: but what use is this wisdom if your head is all wrinkled and full of concerns!

Turtles: the world is complicated, Rabbit, decisions must be weighed in order to be good, don’t you see that?

Rabbit: Turtles, things are much simpler than you think, just follow your desires. The more you think about them, the less you know what to do. Why don’t you come and play with me in the meadow, and enjoy the weather?

Turtles: to play, Rabbit, forget it, it’s a waste of time! We have better things to do to achieve our goals.

Rabbit: you don’t have time to run, you don’t have time to play, you don’t have time to frolic, your life is like your walk, slow, steady, monotonous. Where are you going ?

Turtles: our life is planned, that’s why we’ll enjoy the sunshine and the pond for a long time. That’s what we want. And again, Rabbit, we do not walk, we are water turtles! Being attentive is not one of your qualities!

Rabbit: water or earth, you are turtles, serious and boring. I was wrong to come to you, I don’t get anywhere with you.

Turtles: you mean you go nowhere, is that right? This is proof that our thinking goes faster than your legs, and it takes us further.

Rabbit: you may be right on this point, Turtles, but my legs make me see the world, and that’s what I enjoy. Wherever you go, I like my way better than yours because  for me, life is a game, not a serious matter as you would have me believe.

Turtles: whatever you want, Rabbit, whatever you want! We’ll even gladly let you reach the finish line first!

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