Reference: BBC article, 11/27/16: “Sexism row grips German politics”

Goose: Hawk, I thought about your idea of critical analysis of human affairs, and I decided to do it with you. Are you happy ?

Hawk: Goose, you couldn’t please me more! Did you find something interesting to comment?

Goose: yes. It is a story that’d I ‘ve heard a few weeks ago, but I chose it because it talks about mice!

Hawk: it’s even better! What is it about ?

Goose: in Germany, a woman MP accused the male members of her party of being sexists because one of them called her a “cute big mouse” after saying that her daughter was a “cute little mouse “

Hawk: are you kidding? It was just a bad pun to try to flirt with her, and she got pissed, right? ! That said, your mouse story make my mouth water. How is she, this human mouse?

Goose: pretty, young, determined, and ambitious.

Hawk: an explosive mixture. These are the mice I prefer. They run fast and are tricky, but they have a succulent flesh if I manage to catch them. However, going back to your story, who is her male and oafish colleague?

Goose: an aging and well-known senator.

Hawk: I bet he did not see the storm coming! He thought he was quiet and safe.

Goose: from what I heard, he used to meet with others men of his party, and spend time with them reviewing their female colleagues over a few beers. It is  what the main scandal is about.

Falcon: a scandal! But men have always done that, it’s how they bond! I thought  women were letting them be in order to have peace, and because they knew they would ultimately have the last word !

Goose: yes, but this one wants something other than peace, and she has not said her last word!

Hawk:  she is on the warpath, it seems. What will she gain if she wins?

Goose: you know that in the human world right now,  at least in the West, there is a big push for equality and respect.

Hawk: yes, it’s confusing equality and equity, respect and hypocrisy, but humans always believe they will find final solutions to all the complexities of the world by establishing new rules …

Goose: so she is riding on this wave, and she may even be convinced she’s right.

Hawk: between us, he was not very clever, this  senator. He should  have been more cautious, or get elected in some other parts of the world.

Goose: unless it serves him too, who knows?

Hawk: you mean, to surf on a reverse wave, the return to traditions?

Goose: for example …

Hawk: it’s a little risky, but interesting! How will it end, in your opinion?

Goose: she will no doubt win votes unless she is really a plague and it surfaces. He will probably make amends and propose new legislation if he realizes he made a mistake .

Hawk: and they will have children together?

Goose: I don’t think so! Not all their stories end in an union.

Hawk: I wish them to reconcile, anyway. I thought their common goal was to manage their country.

Goose: they must have forgotten on the way …

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