The Blue Berries would like to have offspring but don’t know how to achieve their goals. They seek advice from the Green berries who know how to seduce but don’t want to go further than the search for pleasure. There follows a reflection on morality.

Blue berries: Green berries, we need some advice.

Green berries: some advice? We thought you didn’t approve of our way of life.

Blue berries: that’s true, but you know how to seduce and on this matter, we have to learn.

Green berries: are you tired of living with Stick?

Blue berries: not at all, but we are afraid that if he always keeps us as a decoration, we’ll never be able to have offspring.

Green berries: why do you want it? There are so many bays on earth already, don’t you think it’s enough?

Blue berries: if everyone thought like you, we would soon be an endangered species, and the birds too.

Green berries: the birds, the birds, they only think about their belly, why do you want to help them when they ignored you?

Blue berries: we don’t want to help them, we want to perpetuate ourselves in new shrubs that will carry our kids. You know that birds think we give ourselves to them for their plumage when it’s above all for our own satisfaction. Yet they are necessary, so we must think about them too.

Green berries: you’re right, they are just small and stupid brains, but useful. Us, for our own satisfaction, we prefer to be caught without opening ourselves, but to each one his own pleasure. Why don’t you ask Stick to plant you?

Blue berries: this is not easy. When the birds eat us, digest us and reject our seeds, it’s simple and easy. Now, to ask someone, it’s against our nature.

Green berries: you come to us to know how to seduce Stick in order to achieve your goals, but when we suggest a straightforward solution, you hesitate ?! Are you as morals as you think?

Blue berries: there’s what can be done and what cannot be done, that’s morality.

Green berries: it seems to us that your morality follows your opinions rather than the opposite.

Blue berries: you don’t want to help us, do you?

Green berries: don’t worry, we will, no need to try to make us feel guilty! We’ll send a message to Stick, or we we’ll find another way.

Blue berries: we knew we could count on you. Can we now ask you a personal question?

Green berries: try, you’ll see!

Blue berries: well, how do you manage to be eaten without being digested?

Green berries: we make a pact with the birds.

Blue berries: what do they have to gain?

Green berries: pleasure. That’s what we promise them. A different experience.

Blue berries:  did you do that with Bird, too?

Green berries: now, you are too curious my friends, an you’ll know nothing about that.

Blue berries: and if the birds try to digest you?

Green berries: our skin is hard and acid. It calms their ardor.

Blue berries: is it why it’s green?

Green berries: yes, that’s right, we have not yet matured.

Blue berries (between themselves): we knew it; and they did it with Bird, for sure. (to the Green Berries): thank you for your help. When we have children, you’ll be the godmothers, it’s a promise.

Green berries (between themselves): are they joking or what? (to the Blue berries): we ‘ll talk about it when the time comes, Blue berries, no rush.

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