In this transition dialogue, Rabbit and Squirrel take stock of what happened lately in the Domain and define their sexual preferences.

Squirrel: Rabbit, here you are, what are you looking for?
Rabbit: nothing special, Squirrel, I’m walking.
Squirrel: searching for a potential partner?
Rabbit: not at all, Squirrel. My name is Rabbit but I am a hare and hares are monogamous and faithful.
Squirrel: well, I’m sorry for mistaking you for someone else, and I’m going to look at you differently now.
Rabbit: in a good way or in a bad way?
Squirrel: in a good way, Rabbit, in a good way. I am not very faithful myself but I admire those who are. It must be relaxing to be able to count on someone and it must be much easier to raise children that way.
Rabbit: it allows to plan for the future and to know you are not alone.
Squirrel: that’s what Heron has found, I’ve heard.
Rabbit: yes, but the love story is still in its early stages and he has a lot of questions.
Squirrel: is he going to substitute for Stick in that domain?
Rabbit: well, his questions are not the same.
Squirrel: when you think about living with someone, I suppose it can be worrisome.
Rabbit: it’s a bet and you cannot be wrong if you don’t want to end up with difficult times later. But tell me, you got angry after Angel, didn’t you?
Squirrel: that’s the real reason for your visit!
Rabbit: no, not at all, how could I know that I would meet you, you are always running here and there.
Squirrel: true! Angel, he wants to do good but he lives in his ideal world so I had to bring him back to earth.
Rabbit: he had trouble recovering but Bird has given him good advice.
Squirrel: that he should relax and be cool?
Rabbit: yes; between you being a lesbian, the Deer being gays and Snake being a hermaphrodite, he had difficulties to cope.
Squirrel: everyone finds his pleasure where he wants, he must understand that.
Rabbit: right! As for me, I would not have any pleasure in sharing my life with a hare, but that’s probably why I’m with a rabbit.
Squirrel: as for me, I much prefer the she-squirrels, they are more tender and we understand each other well.
Rabbit: you are eating at many feeders! A he-squirrel for children, a she-squirrel for fun.
Squirrel: Rabbit, my teeth are very strong and if you keep being sarcastic, I’ll give you a taste of them.
Rabbit: Squirrel, I run much faster than you and you will never catch me.
Squirrel: oh that’s right, the race specialist!
Rabbit: very funny, Squirrel! Anyway, I did not want to make fun of you, just emphasize a fact, and if you admit it, then I’ll admit that I love to race.
Squirrel: ok, that’s a deal. You and me, we follow our pleasures without shame and it’s the best.


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