Stick and the Deer talk about humans, their habits, their limitation, the danger they pose to animals. They also gossip about Bird as he’s the only one liking them.

Deer 1: careful, Deer, I hear someone coming.
Deer 2: you’re right, let’s run away.
Stick: Deers, wait, where are you going?
Deer 1: eh, Stick, it’s you, what are you doing here?
Deer 2: I thought you were staying on the other side of the outer reaches.
Stick: I like to vary my trips, and I just met Snake. We had a good talk
Deer 1: he is often in the leaves at the bottom of the path.
Deer 2: did you managed to see him? He is usually very discreet.
Stick: he slept in the sun, he did not hear me coming.
Deer 1: that’s his problem, he lets himself be surprised.
Deer 2: then he hits. It does not help his reputation, but I think he does it on purpose to be left alone.
Stick: he told me his story with Eve. He is still very contrite.

Deer 1: do not believe everything he tells you. He wanted peace. He got it.
Deer 2: he excluded humans from the garden, and they became wicked.
Stick: is this why you were running?

Deer 1: yes, we thought you were one of them.
Deer 2: they do not come here often, but when they come, it’s never good for us.
Stick: yet Bird like them, I think.
Deer 1: he does not have much brains, that’s all.
Deer 2: he is a city bird, he could not live without the help of humans, but he depends on their goodwill, and he lost his freedom.
Stick: unlike you.
Deer 1: you’re right, we had to choose: going with them and trying to please them, and eventually being used to their benefit, or living our lives avoiding them. We cannot be friends with them anymore, and share our knowledge, it’s too dangerous.
Deer 2: they forgot that things happen in their time, with patience and attention. It came naturally to them before,  but now that they have to figure i themselves, very few succeed.
Stick: it is a long learning curve …

Deer 1: yes, for animals too. This is why many die young. They want to go too fast, take shortcuts.

Deer 2: freedom requires much caution. Bird, for example, does not know to hunt alone anymore, and he fattens, it’s not good for him.
Stick: that’s true, he is a little round at times, but I like him, he is always cheerful.

Deer 1: oh, he’s not bad, he is just limited in the choices he can make.
Deer 2: he makes it up with free thinking, but that’s his problem, thinking. He forgot his instincts and intuitions. Yet it is how you can understand and blend into the harmony of the world.
Stick: is that why your relationships with humans are impossible?

Deer 1: yes, they only see us as meat, or as a trophy on the mantelpiece.
Deer 2: everything revolves around them, they are blind to others and what they could teach them

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