Woman-tree and Green berries discuss the latest news of the Domain, but it’s in what they don’t say that resides a lot of important information, as saying nothing, it’s still saying something…

Woman-tree: Green berries, can you hear me clearly?

Green berries: yes, very clearly, how are you, Woman-tree?

Woman-tree: oh, as well as my size allows, I suppose. I saw Stick last Saturday and I gave him the message about the Blue berries.

Green berries: do you think he’ll do something?

Woman-tree: yes, of course, he will. He would have done something even earlier if he had known!

Green berries: thanks for them, Woman-tree. So, how is his home?

Woman-tree: it shows they are wood lovers; they have all kind of different essences and as you can imagine, I felt quite in my element.

Green berries: and the meal?

Woman-tree: a lot of humus and minerals, very healthy! I should eat like that but where I am, the soil is too poor.

Green berries: do they want to tie the knot?

Woman-tree: I cannot say, it’s still a secret.

Green berries: so they will do it! When, where?

Woman-tree: but I just told you that I can’t say anything …

Green berries: well, then we’ll pretend we didn’t hear anything. What do you think of their relationship?

Woman-tree: it’s a young but solid one, it looks like.

Green berries: it’s always a mystery for us that other species want to mate.

Woman-tree: yet you have the reputation of mating often!

Green berries: it’s exaggerated and in any case, always fleeting.

Woman-tree I myself was a place of passage and temporary rest but I suffered a long time from it, don’t you?

Green berries: no, on the contrary, pleasure is always renewed and always different, it avoids boredom.

Woman-tree: don’t you fear it will disappear one day, when you are less attractive?

Green berries: don’t you yourself find your vocation of counselor rather late in life, but thanks to your previous experiences?

Woman-tree: so you think you’ll be able to adapt when the time comes?

Green berries: yes, like you we’ll stay social, but we think we’ll use our knowledge to sell products, once we cannot sell ourselves anymore.

Woman-tree: Green berries, you are incorrigible, but quite daring and it’s probably why you never needed my advice.

Green berries: think again, Woman-tree, we hold you in high esteem and the advice you give us, they are in your way of being, they don’t need to be told.

Woman-tree I won’t tell you anything then, but I don’t doubt for a moment, listening to you, that you’ll succeed in your future businesses.

Green berries: your silence is a treasure for us, Woman-tree.

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