Dead leaves: Tortoises, have you heard the broadcast of Goose and Hawk? They’re going to get us into trouble, these two!

Turtles: do you think so? It’s a show that uses criticism and lacks depth, but why would it get us into trouble?

Leaves dead: humans do not like to be mocked and they will make us pay.

Turtles: humans don’t listen to animals, let alone plants, you have nothing to fear.

Dead leaves: some do.

Turtles: if they do, they are not like the others.

Dead leaves: humans are humans, they do not like criticism.

Turtles: you cannot put everyone in the same basket, Dead leaves. Individuals, of one kind or another, are all different.

Dead leaves: all the dead leaves are unhappy.

Turtles: the leaves are unhappy, dead or alive, because it’s part of their definition and it’s true, but each expresses it differently, and some say nothing.

Dead leaves: do you want us to keep silent ?!

Turtles: not at all, not at all, we respect your words, but we wanted to say that there are also differences in you, as in every species, and therefore that not all humans are the same.

Dead leaves: we don’t understand your speeches, Turtles, your mind is too complicated for us, but the fact is that humans don’t like criticism, that’s part of their definition.

Turtles: except those who would listen to the Goose and Falcon show because you have to be different to listen to wild animals.

Dead leaves: then they are not true humans, that’s all. Or they are bored and they don’t know what to do, like us.

Turtles: well, never mind, we won’t be able to agree on this point. But regarding the content of the show, what do you think?

Dead leaves: we should not deal with humans if we don’t want them to deal with us.

Turtles: we would like more research and references because they only give their opinion, no facts.

Dead leaves: that’s why we’re going to get into trouble, there’s no solid foundation for what they’re saying.

Turtles: at least we seem to agree on this;  it’s entertainment, not reflection.

Dead leaves: in any case, it doesn’t make us laugh.

Turtles: and for us, it doesn’t make us think.

Dead leaves:  besides, we don’t like Hawk, he sits on branches but never looks at us.

Turtles: and we don’t like Goose, she’s just a proud woodcock.

Dead Leaves: let’s talk to the other inhabitants of the Domain to see if we can stop them before they do too much harm.

Turtles: yes, you’re right, let’s make them shut up. Criticism for criticism is never a good option.

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