Stick: Woman-tree, I need your advice: the one I love is silent, what does it mean?

Woman-tree: were you talking easily before?

Stick: yes, of course, that’s why I like being with her!

Woman-tree: have you suddenly changed your way of acting with her?

Stick: I hinted she mattered to me.

Woman-tree: in that case, and she has not said it’s inappropriate, she must be thinking.

Stick: but doesn’t her silence say she will not talk to me anymore?

Woman-tree: not necessarily. Is she moving away when you approach her, is she ignoring you?

Stick: no, it’s just that she doesn’t initiate the talk as she used to. It troubles me.

Woman-tree: have you considered she could be troubled too?

Stick: why doesn’t she tell me what she thinks? It would be easier.

Woman-tree: you already forgot my first lesson, didn’t you? It’s not our way, get used to it. To wait and be silent is still better than to ignore or run away, don’t you think?

Stick: seen like that, it’s true, but it doesn’t tell me what I should do.

Woman-tree: that’s what she wants to see; follow your heart, if what you do pleases her, she will open up. If she doesn’t like it, she will let you know.

Stick: my heart says I want to seduce her, but it does not tell me how.

Woman-tree: she knows you want to seduce her, but she does not know why you want to. She pushes you to reveal yourself by saying nothing, but if she looks at you and doesn’t go away, she already offers her a little, you can be sure.

Stick: she looks at me sometimes, it’s true, but it could be a coincidence.

Woman-tree: a coincidence? She knows your feelings and she looks at you and you call that a coincidence? There is no coincidence when the heart is concerned, Stick, this is my second lesson. Don’t worry, everything will be fine if your intentions are pure.

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