Snake tells Stick why he tempted Eve by offering her an apple. His testimony, assuming it is true, sheds a new light on the original version.

Stick: Snake, you scared me, I nearly stepped on you. What are you doing in these leaves?

Snake: I sunbath and it makes me sleepy. I did not hear you coming. If I had not recognized you, I would have bitten you. You know I hate to be disturbed.

Stick: yes, I know. Is it why you punished Eve?

Snake: yes, what a woodcock she was this one, so pure, so virgin, so innocent. Constantly wanting to play with me. It wasn’t fun, I can tell you.

Stick: she wanted to play with you? What was Adam saying?

Snake: he saw no harm in it. He, too, was a fool, always walking naked and half smiling. Both of them were bored to death in the garden,  they had nothing to do, it was hell. I guess that’s why she had taken a fancy to come and disturb me.

Stick: why you?

Snake: I don’t know. At the time, I was joyful, sassy, attractive, and I didn’t crawl. She told me that I was giving her  ideas, and making her laugh.

Stick: so you told her to have a bite at the apple to get rid of her?

Snake: yes, I told her it would give her even better ideas than mine, and if she could convince Adam to have a bite too, they would discover another world, and never be bored again.

Stick: you were right, this is what happened, but all the other creatures that were fine as they were had to suffer as a consequence.

Snake: that’s true, I hadn’t thought about that, and I am the first punished because I now have to crawl and nobody likes me. I have to hide to avoid trouble, it’s not fun.

Stick: do you regret what you did?

Snake: yes, I do. I found peace, but I am often alone.

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