Deer1: Snake, where are you?

Deer2: we want to ask you something…

Snake: I’m coming, I’m coming, I was napping in the sun.

Deer1: do you know that Heron is back?

Deer2: and in love?

Snake: who told you that? Did you go through The Outer Reaches?

Deer1: no, we don’t like to go there, it is too barren.

Deer2: Bird came and broke the news.

Snake: what else did he say? I was told Goose and Hawk are together.

Deer1: they’re not together, they make a show together.

Deer2: how did you learn that ? They don’t broadcast here.

Snake: I have my sources, what do you think? We reptiles are very well connected.

Deer1: very badly connected you mean …

Deer2: is this why you disappear for days?

Snake: I have business to do, that’s all. But tell me, Heron, does he need any help to convince Heronee?

Deer1: he would certainly be glad for her to come here.

Deer2: but there is not much we can do, and in any case, it’s not our business.

Snake: there’re lots of ways to convince women to do something, you know. I could contact my friends there.

Angel (who just appeared): Snake, I heard you, and I think you’ve done enough stupid things in the past. Leave Heronee alone, let Heron run his life, your help isn’t welcome.

Snake & Deer: Angel, what a surprise!

Angel: you are surprised, but you shouldn’t. I’m always with you. It’s because you forget that you are wandering.

Deer1: we aren’t, Angel!

Deer2: we lead a healthy and morally irreproachable life.

Angel: I was mainly talking to Serpent but, as for you, don’t you think it’s bad to go and eat in the Manor’s  garden at night?

Snake: they just told me they never cross The Outer Reaches, these liars!

Angel: you see, nobody is immune to evil and that’s why I’m here, but I must go now, I have to come and see the Dead leaves.

Snake: do they want to commit suicide?

Deer:1&2: ha, very funny, Snake!

Angel: it’s true they are depressed because they haven’t been listened to when they tried to censor the Goose and Hawk show.

Snake: what about the Turtles?

Angel: they take everything with height, you know how they are.

Deer1: it’s because they ‘re always under water.

Deer2: with their legs in the mud …

Angel: he, Deer and Snake, mind your language! (he disappears)

Snake: he’s so sanctimonious, this one! If we listened to him, life would be quite boring.

Deer1: he got you anyway!

Deer2: but he’s right, leave Heron fend for himself.

Snake: I only wanted to help him, nothing wrong with that!

Deer1: that’s your problem, you never think it could be wrong.

Deer2: you re napping too much, it makes you slow.

Snake: did you disturb me to patronize me? Farewell, Deer, but remember, the Manor garden doesn’t belong to you!

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